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visiting london in august with 18 m toddler.....any ideas

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bhk3 Fri 31-Jul-09 20:59:59

i'm travelling by train to euston and staying in a hotel in pimlicofor 2 days with my dd and dh. i want to visit madam tussauds, harrods,big ben, buckingham palace and trafalgar square. absolutely have no idea where to start from and how to plan. can anybody suggest me what type of ticket shall i buy and where from i start.

goldenpeach Fri 31-Jul-09 23:39:07

Visit London website?

Science Museum is fab for kids as they have hands on room where kids can have fun.

Bus 11 has nice route (from Victoria, through Westminster to City via St Paul).

Oystercard cheaper than buying travelcards/bus fares. You can get it at underground stations, no need for photo.

Harrods, is overrated, more fun to go to Oxford Street which leads to Hyde Park and Hamley's toyshop in Regent Street, close to Oxford Circus.

At the bottom of Regent Street is Piccadilly and you can walk from Eros to Trafalgar Square and from there to Covent Garden (get yourself a map).

The Southbank is quite fun. If you go to St Paul you can get there through Millennium Bridge. Right in front of Tate Modern, which is fun for kids, too.

transporter3 Wed 29-Jun-11 16:27:02

I recommend you starting from Big Ben, [url=]Buckingham Palace[url/], Thames River, Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral.

LittleOneMum Wed 29-Jun-11 16:35:10

Madam Tussauds is really rubbish...
all the rest quite fun.
Buy an Oyster card online before you leave and top it up as you travel around.

mummymeister Thu 30-Jun-11 10:46:21

Hamleys is much better for kids than Harrods. Always have things to do in there too. what about a boat trip or if they are in to castles my 3 really enjoyed the tower of london and we werent bored either. open top bus tour is always popular too.

wearymum200 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:37:48

Thames clipper river bus service is ace and not v expensive, great way to see London with no walking. London transport museum in Covent Garden is my toddler's idea of heaven (though a bit pricey).
Natural History Museum, Maritime museum at greenwich (combine with river boat trip), whichever park it is (St james'?) that has the wonderful playground. But too much to do in 2 days!

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