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Romantic weekend in Cambridge ideas to make it extra special

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MrsJamesMartin Wed 22-Jul-09 16:37:15

Its our 10 yr anniversary tommorrow and we are off to Cambridge this weekend without the kids!!!

So, any recommendations for good restaurants, good pubs, anythin really that you think we might enjoy would be gratefully received.


Ruthiebabes Wed 22-Jul-09 18:48:38

We had a lovely weekend in Cambridge last year for our wedding anniversary.

We had a lovely romantic meal at Fitzbillies Restaurant. A small restaurant, with fresh tasty food. Would def go back. We stayed at Doubletree Hilton, and it was just around the corner from it.

SummerLightning Wed 22-Jul-09 19:29:54

I like:
Cotto - East Road near the grafton centre, small restaurant, lovely food, only eaten there once though, but had a lovely meal there - quite £££, probably need to book on a weekend.
Backstreet Bistro - this is near the Mill Road area, bit cheaper than Cotto, nice relaxed atmosphere
Midsummer house - Michelin Starred, lots of £££, possibly too late to book, been once, food was amazing, but not sure I would go back soon as it was so expensive
Restaurant 22, lovely, intimate, tiny restaurant. You'd need to book here too.

Places to go, if it's nice weather, the botanical gardens are worth a wander.
Punting of course. You could take a bottle of wine and go down towards Granchester and do it yourself, that would be romantic and nice.
Or walk to Granchester and go to the Tea rooms there which are lovely.
Kings College is spectacular and worth paying to look in.

Pubs, I live near mill road so like the pubs down there, would recommend the Cambridge Blue if you like real ale, lots of ale on tap.
The Kingston Arms if you fancy pub food and good real ale (they don't serve lager though! Though they do have good wine I believe, I've never tried)
In town, the pubs up towards Castle hill are quite good, the Pickerel and the Castle being two I would recommend. Also the pubs down King St, the St Radegund is tiny and quaint and worth a visit.

MrsJamesMartin Wed 22-Jul-09 21:19:39

Thanks thats a great help, DH has mentioned the Kingston Arms he remembers it from his army days ( didn;t mention the real ale though hmm!)

cazzybabs Wed 22-Jul-09 21:24:49

lots of lovely walks around cambridge...and agree with pubs/resturants choices
... what about the free press, although haven't been there in years and it has changed hands I know

I think punting with a nice bottle of champers is a must - self punt so dh can punt and you can drink


oh and if it rains - the Fitz is nice

SummerLightning Wed 22-Jul-09 21:37:44

I have been to the Free Press relatively recently and can confirm it is still good!

Lilymaid Thu 23-Jul-09 23:09:34

Cafe Adriatic on MIll Road - mainly Italian, good neighbourhood restaurant - not expensive.
Le Gros Franck - corner of Station Rd/Hills Rd - incredibly French. Cafe by day, restaurant on Thursday - Saturday evenings.
If you/DH can punt, punt down to Orchard Tea Rooms in Granchester for quintessential Cambridge experience - tea in orchard sitting in rather aged deckchairs. If you don't want to punt you can walk along the water meadows. Grantchester is a nice village even though Jeffrey Archer lives there.
Agree about Free Press and would also suggest the Eagle (very central, most well known Cambridge Pub) in Benet St.
Look in Local Secrets for further ideas.
Unfortunately, it is the middle of the foreign language student season, so you will see thousands of school age kids with matching tee shirts/rucksacs being conducted around town.

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