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London in August with 2 kids - ideas?!

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suecy Mon 20-Jul-09 09:04:03

We got some cheepo Travelodge rooms so ar taking the kids (DD 6 and DS 5) to the big smoke for the first time! We're staying 2 nights/3 days in Covent Garden, so quite central.

Anyway, want ideas about what to do with thm - so far defo going to Nat Hist Museum and doing an open top bus tour. What else should we do? Don't mind spending SOME money but can't be doing 3 or 4 big attrctions per day!

Is the Planetarium any good? They both loved the one in Birmingham. Boat trips? Which is the best Park - they're free!! Any other museums?

Are any of the shows worth a look?

Also, eating out? Looked at the Rainforest Cafe and nearly fainted when I saw the prices. Again, don't mind a slight splurge, but don't want to feel constantly ripped off. Was thinking of doing picnics for lunch and tea out (we're veggies).

Just looking for some pointers really - cheers!!

neversaydie Mon 20-Jul-09 09:57:18

We did a boat trip from Westminster to Kew gardens last year, which was great - as were the gardens.

Is there anything worth seeing at one of the London theatres? We went to a matinee at Sadlers Wells, which we both enjoyed and I felt was a good 'London' experience. Children's tickets were half price, so it really wasn't too deadly.

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 10:03:08

science musuem has lovely interactive stuff.

If you are going to spend money, I'd do the aquarium. I went before the renovations and really enjoyed it, and it's supposed to be even better now.

Ours actualyl have enjoed st pauls cathedral too. Great view of London from the top too.

London zoo is great, but is really a full day in itself, so might not be good on limited time.

Best market is borough market, lovely food, and the kids enjoy all the tasters on offer.

st james park has a nice little playground and you can watch the changing of the guard there. Hyde park has the princess diana park but that tends to get Very Busy. battersea Park is probably our favourite, but is a bit further out. Big adventure playground there, and a childrens zoo, boating lake, etc.

last time we ate out in london it was at a tootsies. They are brilliant for kids, menu designed by annabel karmel. Huge portions, and very reasonably priced. Decent veggie options too.

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 10:04:02

you can easily do nat history, science and hyde park in a day, all right next to each other.

frazzled74 Mon 20-Jul-09 16:35:32

I did boat trip from westminster to greenwich, kids loved it and youve got national maritime museum there which is free. I think boat trip may be included in one of the bus tours.

MarthaFarquhar Mon 20-Jul-09 16:40:19

transport museum in Covent Garden is the spiritual home of most small boys.

Imperial War museum is also amazing, and not far from the south bank.

glinda Mon 20-Jul-09 16:43:27

When are you going in August? After 14th it is Kids week (actually a fortnight). Check out Lots of theatre based kids activities -often free! AND under 16s get a free theatre ticket with each paying adult. Brilliant deal! I have seen lots of shows with my dcs over the past few years with these deals. Lion King might be best for 5 and 6 year olds.

PheasantPlucker Mon 20-Jul-09 16:49:30

Polka Theatre for Children in Wimbledon is fantastic, 10 mins walk from Wimbledon Train/Tube station. (trains from Waterloo, tube is on District Line)

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