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Hotel rooms and 3 kids, any one stayed somewhere that has a family room that would accomodate this?

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Denny185 Sun 19-Jul-09 20:38:27

We are going to legoland so on this occasion need somwhere in/around Windsor but would be interested to know of any other locations that people have found for the future.

Blackduck Sun 19-Jul-09 20:41:59

Dean Court Hotel York has a family room which consists of double bed and then room with bunk beds and single bed.

DiamondHead Sun 19-Jul-09 20:44:24

How old are your kids.

Last time we booked a hotel room we had a suite. There was a sofa bed for two kids and one in a cot. Worked well. Have you tried just ringing a hotel and seeing what they suggest and see if they could recommend somewhere.

Fennel Mon 20-Jul-09 23:30:12

There is a website devoted to 5 bed family roomed hotels.

cat64 Mon 20-Jul-09 23:51:00

Message withdrawn

Phoenix4725 Tue 21-Jul-09 06:55:42

the grange at bracknall were really good has a suite 2 bedrooms one king size bed and other room with 3 full size single beds bathroom kitchen was 90 a night including all you can eat breakfasts

Jas Tue 21-Jul-09 07:55:28

No help at all here, but would also like to thank Fennel for that link. One f my children is having t stay with my parents when we g away this weekend as we just couldn't find anywhere to accommodate us all together.

poorbuthappy Tue 21-Jul-09 07:59:34

Just wanted to join in briefly to say that in the future this will also be an issue for us!

I couldn't believe it when we looked at the Alton towers hotel to find that they don't allow more than 1 infant under 2 in 1 room! So if we wanted to say there (which we don't want to now...) we would need to pay for 2 rooms!

Complete rip off...are alot of hotels like this, so we are destined never to stay in a hotel for the next 18 months??

poorbuthappy Tue 21-Jul-09 08:00:19

OK, so should have checked out the link before posting! Sorry ladies... grin

Fennel Tue 21-Jul-09 09:56:33

We have stayed in a few hotels with 5 of us in one room, they tend not to be the chains. The Big Sleep in Cardiff was nice, and allowed 5. We stayed in one in the north of Scotland too - Lochinver - but that's so far from everywhere that there's not much point recommending it to most people.

Being 5 does mean we never get those sorts of cheap deals other people seem to get with travelodge etc. But then I don't actually like travelodge so am not too bothered about that.

We stay a lot in youth hostels, rooms for 5 or 6, some of them have been refurbished and have en suite bathrooms and they are not massively cheap, similar to cheap hotels, but we find them very family friendly with 3 young children, lots of space to rampage around, and nothing much to break.

Denny185 Tue 21-Jul-09 13:35:20

Thank you all for those suggstions, that web site is really helpful fennel. Was seriously considering the tent option before but do prefer heating and beds.

cat64 Tue 21-Jul-09 17:26:33

Message withdrawn

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