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stop-off points to break up the journey - any ideas welcome ! :)

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joldinash Sun 19-Jul-09 00:02:27

Hi, i'm new to mumsnet but thought it would be the best place for advice on this particular subject...

I am driving from edinburgh to alton towers in august with my 5 year old boy for a 3 day break and wondered if anybody had any ideas for nice stop off points along the way to break up the long journey for the two of us

ideally places with something to do or see...or really just any ideas

thanks in advance

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 19-Jul-09 00:05:02

York's great, it's just over half way. The museum is fab, there's a street inside it that show's the old shops and cobbled road. newcastle's more towards you, the Life centre is fun for children. I've no idea about the directions though.

joldinash Sun 19-Jul-09 00:09:10

wow ! thanks....quick response already ! ... i knew i'd come to the right place

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 19-Jul-09 00:11:26

smile Welcome to mumsnet by the way.

Alton Towers is great. Remember to take some dry clothes though as your little one will get very wet!

joldinash Sun 19-Jul-09 00:16:35


any other advice for when i'm there? i dont want to carry lots of stuff around with me etc...can you enter/leave the park as much as you like? or is it a case of once ur in thats it? cos leavin dry clothes in the car would be my preference. i just dont know lol...its only my second time away on my own with him

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 19-Jul-09 00:33:54

There's a 'leave your stuff and run off' type place (sorry, I'm brain dead now) so you don't have to carry it around, it's at the main entrance. There are heating booths that shoot out hot air (for a fee) in the places that are wet, these work well but don't completely dry you out. You don't really need to leave and go back as everything's there.

You will both have a great time. smile

There's always Alnwick on the way if your son likes Harry Potter. This will take up some time, the tree house in the Castle garden is fantastic!

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