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3rd year running and it looks like another washout! Anyone else feeling grrrrr!!

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nuttyworkingmum Sat 18-Jul-09 14:17:23

Holiday has been booked, we are off to sunny Wales for a week. After spending nearly £500 on a place to stay, I`m feeling rather put out with all this rain.
The first year it was ok, a novelty perhaps!hmm
The second year, we grinned (after a few drinks) and had a bbq in the drizzle again!!
Now I`m just plain sick of this weather. The weather men say this is an average British summer!! hmm hmm
Sorry I sound like an ungrateful madam, but I soley came up with the quids to go on hol and feel pretty miffed off, so I`m having a moan, anybody else want to join in!!wink
I`m sure I will feel great once I`m there, I expect I will drag everyone out of the house just to catch 1/2 an hour of sunshine!

TheCrackFox Sat 18-Jul-09 14:21:52

I am really feeling Grrrr today.

I am sure, about 6 weeks ago, the MET office was saying we were going to have a scorcher of a summer.

I feel cheated.

You never know, Wales might be sunny next week. I have my fingers crossed for you.

1dilemma Sat 18-Jul-09 21:33:01

feel like you do

we have had continual wet holidays (Cornwall and Isle of Wight) hard with little kids because even cinema and time in museums is harder for them

I'm grumpy about this years holiday just discovered they seem to have taken a 50quid breakages deposit of us (and dh thinks it's non-refundable) our cottage is more expensive than yours (not a boast just saying) and am really pissed off to discover they also have an electricity meter (and of course electric cooker)

don't want to go there anymore I don't know how Sir X X (I'm not kidding) has the cheek to charge what he does and stick in a coin operated electricity meter

(my misery about them comes from a dreadful wet UK holiday we had once when we never had enough money for the meter and spent the whole time cold and wet)

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