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We are Centre Parc virgins - advice please!

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lyra41 Tue 14-Jul-09 07:10:07

We have booked a 3 night stay at Centre Parc in Sherwood Forest at the end of the month. Can anyone give advice and recommendations for while we are there? We have a 14 year old and a 3 year old.

laurz75 Tue 14-Jul-09 07:32:06

Arrive early and park as near to accomodation gates as you can. Then when you're allowed in, you'll be able to drive in quickly. Definitely take/hire bikes but if going to hire, get down to hiring place early as there'll be long queues. Take your own bike locks. Take some food with you so you don't have to go straight to the shop!
Have fun! I LOVE Centre Parcs! smile

SarahL2 Tue 14-Jul-09 07:51:38

They gave us free bike locks when we went to Elveden Forest in Feb this year..

We're going back in November cause we loved it so much

Take food as the onsite supermarket will be well stocked but slightly overpriced. We took made up dinners (lasagne etc) to save us time on the first day. Hire bikes definitely and book any activities you are desperate to do in advance - there will be spare slots when you get there for some things but not necessarily when you want to do them. Paths at Elveden were all dirt tracks too so I would suggest wellies for if it rains also

laurz75 Tue 14-Jul-09 07:54:30

Oh you were lucky - we had to buy new locks the first time we went (Longleat) but that was a few years ago now.

Tommy Tue 14-Jul-09 08:00:54

take some sort of baking tray if you want to do chips, pizza etc - that was one thing we couldn't find in the kitchen! - and children's plates, cutlery etc.

Te swimming pool is fab for littlies - my 2 year old spent ages going down the slide in the toddler section - and I just had to sit on the side and watch him smile. they have toddler swim jackets there so no need to take them though

Take a little ruck sack if you are going to ride bikes - we forgot that and didn't have anywhere to put water etc

SarahL2 Tue 14-Jul-09 08:54:20

They even gave us a spare for locking up the puhchair laurz

Ooh, that's a tip - you can't take a pushchair into the pool area so a lock to keep it safe in the "buggypark" is a good idea.

We rented one of those bike trailers for our almost 2 DS. He loved it and it gave us somewhere to carry big things. They're a good idea for if your 3 year old can't ride or won't ride for long..

Not sure what we're going to do this time. We found out after booking that I'm pregnant again and will be 8 months by the time we go - not really good for biking!!! hmm

bottletopbill Tue 14-Jul-09 13:11:09


1. Torch for finding your way back in the evenings
2. Take breakkie cereal
3. Take washing up liquid and another t-towel - they only give you one
4. Save old bread feed to the ducks and squirrels that will come to your door every morning!
5. book any activities in advance as always booked up when you get there - our 3 yr old loved the make a pottery one - good value as they get 2 pots to decorate.
6. Book bowling - again a good fun family activity
7. Sports Bar at Sherwood is great - try and sit next to the play area so you can watch the little one
8. There is a huge Tesco 5 mins from Sherwood at Ollerton - I always stock up there on bits - supermarket on site is fine and I dont think that overpriced
9. I also took ice blocks and a couple of lunch bags and made spicnics to take to the pool everyday.
10. Also made the followign to take with us - chilli and a curry

Enjoy - I think SF is the best one!

gingernutlover Tue 14-Jul-09 20:01:12

when we last went to elveden (new year) there was a massive Q for bike hire but what we hadnt realised was that you can book them beforehand, the people who had just walked up and got theirs.

and yes, we got free bike locks at new year and again last week when we went to longleat

we also found that in the executive villas and in public areas there is free wifi - brilliant for booking up activities once you are there.

DadInsteadofMum Thu 16-Jul-09 09:41:54

If you want to eat out book now, restaurants get booked up as fast as the activities.

As well as food take spare toilet roll - you will run out over the weekend and sometimes they give you a spare one and sometimes they don't.

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