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B&B suggestions on the Llyn Peninsular, North Wales

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chelseamorning Sun 12-Jul-09 13:57:49

We're about to go to Snowdonia for a week. We're thinking of tagging a few days on to the end of the holiday to visit the Llyn/LLeyn Peninsular.

Can anyone please recommend a really good B&B for myself, my DP and 2.9yr DS? No preferred location but would like to have some nice pubs nearby! smile

chelseamorning Mon 13-Jul-09 11:12:35

Anyone been to the Llyn Peninsular?????

thighsmadeofcheddar Mon 13-Jul-09 11:14:24

Oh yes we stayed in a holiday house at Morfa Nefyn. It's gorgeous! Sorry no b&b help but the pub at Morfa Nefyn on the beach is nice, really good food.

chelseamorning Mon 13-Jul-09 13:02:26

Ooh, thanks, TMOC! So the Llyn is worth a visit then? Never been before but thought we'd have a couple of days there if the weather is good.

Where would you recommend visiting?

thighsmadeofcheddar Mon 13-Jul-09 21:55:28

Hells Mouth beach is amazing, really long, it's on the south bit. Great for walks, bit wild for swimming.

Braich-y-pwll is stunning - it's right on the tip.

Echo Mountain is a nice walk.

It's incredibly gorgeous, well I thought so anyway. I'm Australian, always impressed by rugged coastline and greenery.

this may help

chelseamorning Thu 16-Jul-09 13:09:03

Fab, TMOC!!! Very helpful. Just hope the weather stays dry. The last beach holiday we had was in Northumberland and we wore about 5 layers, hats and thick trousers so we could build sand castles on the beach! Lots of fun though.

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