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Phoenix4725 Sun 12-Jul-09 07:31:47

Were of on holiday in August will have ds12, dd 6 and ds 4 with me any idaers for places to visit please , will need have good public transport links to

thank you

bubblagirl Sun 12-Jul-09 14:45:05

dont know if this will be of any help

i noticed on the linn park it has special needs adventure playground

ive never been so have no off hand experience

smallorange Sun 12-Jul-09 15:05:21

The Science Centre is a good one - you can always get a taxi, Glasgow is a small city and taxi fares don't cost a huge amount. Also The Tall Ship, if they like pirates, which is just across the Clyde, over a footbridge from the SCience Centre.

The West End is good for kids - the Grosvenor cinema does kids cinema on a Saturday morning, the library is a good place to hide, the Botanic Gardens have a playpark, glass houses and room to run about. You can also walk along the River Kelvin there right through to Kelvingrove Park, which also houses teh art galleries, two pplayparks (one with cafe, praise the lord) and a skate park if any of yours are into skateboarding.

The subway is a cheap way to get around, the buses are, well, confusing but frequent, and there are many taxis.

Hope you have a great time smile

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 15:12:53

I live outside of Glasgow and am interested in this myself, as we haven't been to many places there, even though we've been here 8 years!
I know rhe Scinece Centre is quite pricey, DD went there on a school trip but is anything on the list free? More indoor places I mean.

If you like Zoos, Edinburgh is a very easy day trip, we'll be doing it in a few weeks, and I'm an hour on the wrong side of Glasgow, also the town I live in, Helensburgh is quite pretty on a sunny day. It has a seasidey feel with a pier and funfair, ice cream shops and good chippies!
Loch Lomond also is a direct train from Glasgow and there's a Sea Life Centre. I got given a 2 for 1 voucher the other day so we'll be going there plus they have pedaloes on the Loch which might be fun.

smallorange Sun 12-Jul-09 15:33:47

all the museums are free - kelvingrove is worth a visit and the huntareian at the university is good too. the gallery of modern art is\worth a look if you are in town centre. pollok park on the southside is\also a good afternoon visit.

sorry about typing am breastfeeding

geordieminx Sun 12-Jul-09 15:36:17

Have posted on your other thread here

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 15:42:39

Thanks. I'll certainly check those out.
I'm always looking for things to do and being on a very small budget free is great!
I really should go to Glasgow more.

Oh, for the OP, the Falkirk Wheel might be worth looking at too. Direct train from Queen Street.
I've not been but have heard good things about it.

The red open-topped bus city tours are well worth the money, you can hop on and off as many times as you wish and it takes in all the sights and main attractions/points of interest, plus the novelty itself of riding in an open topped bus! <big kid emoticon>

I'd recommend Kelvingrove Museum/park and the Transport museum across the road (they had/have some Balamory things in). There are also smaller places like the Police museum on the city bus tour route which are well wroth getting off for.

Lindax Sun 12-Jul-09 15:47:26

Kelvingrove museum/art gallery is good, especially the museum bit, my ds 5 loves it (and free).

Transport museum is across the road and free too (if you are into transport). As smallorange says Kelvingrove park is quite good too.

Glasgow Science centre is good for day out and has plantarium and IMAX cinema (its expensive, but you can use Tesco clubcard deals except for IMAX feature films).

If you do a day trip Edinburgh Zoo you can now use Tesco clubcard deals for this too (£3.50 a ticket rather than £15.99 for an adult!).

Theres also M&D's theme park, which is a small (but still expensive) theme park (see website). Dont get too excited about the "Scotlands Theme Park" title as its no Alton Towers! Its got onsite Amazonia which is a small indoor garden with the usual butterflies, birds, snakes, spiders type things - with handling sessions where you get to hold a snake, big spider (no thanks!), gecko etc. M&D's and Amazonia are also on clubcard deals.

weegiemum Sun 12-Jul-09 16:06:09

Pollok Park/Burrell Collection are also good. Pollok Park Family Day is 8th August and is good, but often very busy (we live close but walk!!). You get the train from Central to Pollokshaws West and its not far from there and signposted. Our kids love the Burrell Collection (fantastically eclectic museum) and the playpark there is good as well.

Gallery of Modern Art in town is good (right in the middle of the city centre) and there is also The Lighthouse close by, an arts centre that sometimes has good stuff on for kids. Second the Kelvingrove Museum recommendation - it has the Doctor Who Exhibition on at the moment as well - its costs to get into that but the rest of the museum is free and we really like it.

Depends on where you are staying. The underground is good for city centre/West End, but rotten for the Southside (where I live!) but there are good urban railway links and the buses are frequent but you do need to know where you are going!

There's a lovely park at Rouken Glen. Getting out of the city on the train is easy if you are heading to the Ayrshire Coast. On a nice day in the Summer we sometimes get a picnic, go to Largs, eat picnic, eat icecream, walk along the seafront and play on the (stony) beach, get fish and chips for tea and get the train home. Its very 'old fashioned' seaside resort-ish, but the kids love it (mine are 9, 7, 5)

For travelling around for a week on public transport you are best getting a travelcard from SPT - you can get one at the main train stations I think??? Can't remember!

Loch Lomond also nice - very pretty and more 'Highlandy'. Don't know how easy it is to get on public transport to Aberfoyle, but we love going there to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park - we can easily spen all day there in the pub woods!

Hope you have fun. We love living here, there is loads to do!

expatinscotland Sun 12-Jul-09 16:15:25

No, don't go! The people are awful!

geordieminx Sun 12-Jul-09 16:24:04

Will see you at P Park on the 8th Weegiemum grin

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 16:25:19

shock Expat.
I live in the same County as you and I'm reccommending it!
I'm quite nice too, though I'm Englishgrin

We'll certainly be going to the Transport Museum, I'll take DD's friend too as they go free on the train so long as it's not peak time.

Do you know how much the Dr Who bit is in the Kwelvingrove Museum?
DD loves Dr Who but I need to know beforehand if I can afford it.

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 16:27:05

Scuse the typos blush

expatinscotland Sun 12-Jul-09 16:27:12

It was meant tongue in cheek, muggle.

We love to go to Glasgow. The shops rock, too.

HolyGuacamole Sun 12-Jul-09 16:27:26

Xscape at Braehead is a no brainer if you get bad weather or something. It's not educational but it is fun. It's easy to get to by bus and has climbing, kids golf, football, skiing/snowboarding, bowling and loads of other things. There is also the Clyde museum and a footpath along the river where you can see all the really exciting.....erm.....shipyards grin wink

It'd not be top of my list because I don't suppose the activities are cheap but I thought it could be worth a mention smile

I also second the Transport Museum and the Ayrshire coast. Fab!

weegiemum Sun 12-Jul-09 16:32:46

grin expat - that's why I wasn't suggesting any ferry trips anywhere lol! You people 'over there' are too much to handle!

Kelvingrove Dr WHo exhibition is here. I don't know about kids form outside the city, but ours get in for £4 instead of £4.50 with their 'kids cards'. For us, though, the £18 family ticket is best value. My dc are keen to go, but it seems a lot!

Remember parking at KG is an utter nightmare!

weegiemum Sun 12-Jul-09 16:35:08

Sadly not this year, Geordie, we are visiting MIL that weekend so will probably be at the Giant's Causeway (hoooray - one of my fave things) or somewhere boring MIL thinks is lovely!

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 16:54:15

I knew that Expatgrin

I still have never worked out where you live though, even though I know you are in Argyll & Bute somewhere.
Not in a mad stalkerish fashion, just interested, as not many people live here!

muggglewump Sun 12-Jul-09 17:00:34

Crikey, it looks like it could be pricey for the Dr Who exibition but I'll see if I can take DD. She loves Dr Who.

I'm due my first ever maintenance payment, but it's mid August. Total bummer when the holidays are now

Phoenix4725 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:26:14

thank you looks like theres goin to be plenty to do now all i need is a good pub with afun beer garden for the kids and thats us sorted

Phoenix4725 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:31:24

are the buses wheelchair friendly ? and yes doing Edinburgh zoo as its in same scheme as my local one so its free my favourite price

brimfull Sun 12-Jul-09 17:38:26

great thread thanks

we are going in august-can't wait

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