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North West England with evening entertainment ...but not pontins/butlins

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elfsmum Sat 11-Jul-09 17:46:24


looking for somewhere to go in North West England, that has the centreparcs feel during the day that has some kids club/entertainment in the evening.

any ideas ?

I love centreparcs and have been looking at Ribby Hall but my friend wants some entertainment in the evening as sitting in each night, she thinks will be boring.

Have tried explaining that by the time you've done your daytime activities it's fine coming back and having a chat bottle of wine but not her scene

Ledodgy Sat 11-Jul-09 17:52:47

I know someone that went here and enjoyed it

Ledodgy Sat 11-Jul-09 17:53:02

Oh lol you mentioned ribby hall!

Ledodgy Sat 11-Jul-09 17:53:53

It says they do family entertainment.

purepurple Sat 11-Jul-09 17:59:42

Ribby Hall is lovely.
tell your friend they do family entertainment.

serin Sat 11-Jul-09 21:43:12

Holgates in Silverdale is nice.
Can't link, sorry.

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