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Whitby with an 18mo

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Naetha Sat 11-Jul-09 16:16:52

We're heading off to Whitby for a long weekend soon with 18 mo DS, and after a bit of a disastrous weekend in North Wales (weather was abysmal, got eaten by midges!) I'd like to plan ahead as much as possible!

Any good parks for a wired little boy to safely run around? Toddler friendly playgrounds? Good places to eat? We're staying in an apartment in the centre of the town, but will have the car available if weather is poor!

Anywhere to avoid?

DLI Sat 11-Jul-09 21:25:45

scarborough is not too far away and they have a sea life centre there and a big park to walk around. its only about fifteen minutes in the car from whitby. not sure what whitby has itself. prefer to go to scarborough as its not as hilly. whitby is a bit too crowded to let a small boy walk around and far to steep hilly to walk too far but its a great central location to go to other places nearby

SarahL2 Sat 11-Jul-09 21:54:23

There's a nice resteraunt/pub at the bottom of the steps up to the Abbey. Forgotten it's name though sorry. It's not huge but then nowhere is in Whitby. Food is good though.

Other than that there are usually some lovely rock pools on the beach...

Another vote here for the Sea Life at Scarborough too.

Or there's a life boat station down the road in Filey

Yorky Sat 11-Jul-09 21:54:50

North York moors, or railway if DS is into Thomas. Always the beach - if its rainy you just have more space!

Kayzr Sun 12-Jul-09 09:02:34

Up on the cliff(not the Abbey side) There are quite a few things. There is the crazy golf and the pool.

northernrefugee39 Sun 12-Jul-09 19:44:16

West Cliff has mini golf, paddling lake, go cart, boating lake, children's activities, and of course the famous Whitby Wizard- science experiments for all the family hmm
Pavillion Spa complex often has indoor things going on- stories/films/workshops etc.
In Whitby- Airy Hill Play Park is a good one.
At Ruswarp there's an indoor play place, ( and outdoor stuff too) [ mini monsterz]]
[ FCA?OpenDocument The Moors Centre, Danby]] has a lovely outdoor play area, and tracks through the woods too]]

We go to Sandsend for beach- it's lovely. There's a stream which runs into the sea, and a small lake forms where it's shallow and safe to sail in a dinghy.

Children love climbing the steps to the Abbey.

Outside Whitby, the moors around Hole of Horcum are spectacular. There are walks and tracks, and children can charge around in the heather without hurting themselves.

Scarborough is good too, but I don't think you'd need to go there when there's so much to do in Whitby, ( and Whitby is much prettier)

There are some great places to eat,- The Magpie, ( but you'll have to queue), White Horse and Griffin- on Church Street never lets us down,- The Moon in Sixpence, Marine Parade.

northernrefugee39 Sun 12-Jul-09 19:45:55

mini monsterz

FCA?OpenDocument The Moors Centre, Danby has a lovely outdoor play area, and tracks through the woods too]]

Mytholmroyd Wed 15-Jul-09 23:02:06

Can definitely second Sandsend for little ones - they have a super beach shop and there are three or four lovely cafes with good cake and coffee etc and the post office is a super deli for picnics. Have had lots of idyllic holidays there when the weather is good. One day we stayed really late until everyone had gone home and the odd thing was there was not a single piece of litter to be seen - most people who go treat it well. We are going this year and staying in the Woodlands Hotel which looks fabulous and has a very well reviewed restaurant. Praying for good weather!

Clary Thu 16-Jul-09 00:00:04

More like 30 mins from Whitby to Scarborough tbh. Filey is even further.

Whitby has a nice park but it's quite hilly.

YY pool and crazy golf etc on West Cliff. Nice beaches in Whitby, Sandsend, Runswick Bay; Staithes is a nice place to potter in rock pools.

Agree railway if keen on trains at all.

Fab walking on the N York Moors (very empty); carry baby in backpack.

Eat in Magpie cafe or Trenchers (my fave).

fatjac Thu 16-Jul-09 08:29:03

There is a little beach cafe right along at the end before the pier thing (I think its called Battery Parade) really good for toasties and bacon rolls. We loved Robin Hoods Bay and Staithes too. I'm not really into steam trains but we went from Whitby to Pickering and back stopping at a few places along the way at it was great.

kathyis6incheshigh Thu 16-Jul-09 08:32:17

we enjoyed the open-top bus ride v much when ds was about that age.

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