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Places to stay around Longleat

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Kayzr Fri 10-Jul-09 17:56:33

We're planning our holiday for next year and would like to go to Longleat. So we decided to look for cottages or parks to stay in so that we're within 40 miles of Longleat.

We're looking for a cottage or a holiday park. We've been having a look on the Hoseasons website but can't really think of other places to look.

Also other things to do in that area would be nice too.


littlerach Fri 10-Jul-09 18:00:07

this is near Longleat. It is v nice, but in a very quiet village.

this is nearby.

this is closeby and has excellent play area.

Bath is about half hour away.
Salisbury about the same.

I think Cheddar isn't too far away and Wookey Hole.

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 10-Jul-09 18:01:58

I presume you're rejecting CentreParcs, which is at Longleat?

Kayzr Fri 10-Jul-09 18:03:45

Yeah it is far too expensive

exexpat Fri 10-Jul-09 18:04:56

Centerparcs has a site right next door. We did a three-day break there a while back, and used the Longleat ticket where you can go back over several days to do various different attractions (animals, house, mazes etc) on different days. The children loved spending half the day in the Centerparcs pools, playgrounds etc, and then doing a bit of Longleat. It all worked very well, but was not cheap...

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 10-Jul-09 18:11:03

this looks nice

sagacious Fri 10-Jul-09 18:28:13

we stayed here

Not too far and lovely pub in the nearest village

littlerach Fri 10-Jul-09 18:28:48

BIWI, that's next door to the one I linked to!!!!

sagacious Fri 10-Jul-09 18:31:16

Additional we stayed in the family room and dined at The Lamb at Hindon

Very pleasant

Kayzr Fri 10-Jul-09 18:32:00

Thanks everyone. They are all lovely!!

pipsy76 Fri 10-Jul-09 19:04:03

we will be staying here in august and visiting longleat and wookey I cant wait!

Kayzr Fri 10-Jul-09 19:10:32

Wookey looks really good. They are advertising for someone to be the witch!!

Ruthiebabes Sat 11-Jul-09 22:52:44

We stayed at .... was lovely, would recommend it. Opposite a country pub serving great food. Only a couple miles to Longleat.

Phoenix4725 Sun 12-Jul-09 09:39:19

warning Wookey hole is a rip of we went with me my mum step dad dc from 15- 4 ,the cave is a 20 min guided thing and woe betide if you cant keep up the pace lots of steps uneven surface.

the dinasaurs are 6 models and the fairy glen is 6 plastic fairys on tiny island .

The paper mill experiance is 3 machiens and a quick go at making paper

but Longleat was great lots to do .If you got older dc would reccomend the caving/climbing you can do as extra with rocksports at cheddar gorge my dc 15 and 12 loved it the rest of us went for walk round cheddar it self

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