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Anyone else been to the Isles of Scilly for a holiday with the family?

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steviesgirl Wed 08-Jul-09 21:52:09

We are off the end of September and staying on St Mary's. The last time I went was aged 6 with my parents, and my parents thought the local's were rude to the tourists. How did you find the locals when you went? Were they welcoming or sarcy? Back in 1985 when we went they were horrible! Just wondered if their attitude had improved in more recent years.
Not that I'm that bothered, I'm going for the scenery, not them, but friendly people do make it that bit nicer. Just curious.

piscesmoon Thu 09-Jul-09 17:05:44

I went camping there years ago and had a lovely time-I found the locals quite friendly-I would have thought they would need to be, tourists must make up a large part of the income.

Simples Thu 09-Jul-09 17:06:48

it was dull
went to tresco.
I seem to be alone in this and everyone else loved it.

serin Fri 10-Jul-09 22:14:53

Went last year and had a great time, the locals were just lovely and very child friendly. All the shop keepers were helpful and had our shopping delivered for free.

Atmosphere was wonderful, unhurried and laid back. I am jealous.

delphinedownunder Fri 10-Jul-09 22:19:34

i camped on St Martins a few years ago. Beautiful and relaxed. Found the locals friendly enough - not really so different from mainland Cornish people.

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