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Haven Seashore or Caister ?

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chocohead Tue 07-Jul-09 07:51:27


Anyone ever visited these and know which is better ? I want a short midweek break with 4 year old DD and 4 month old DS.

Alos not sure which accomodation would be best to fit a cot in the bedroom with us?

Anyone ? thanks x

mumto3boys Thu 09-Jul-09 21:18:34

We have been to caister twice, both on £9.50 sun hols.

First time was october and we were given a chalet, which was actually really nice, heated throughout.

This time we went may half term and upgraded our caravan to prestige I think it was, so was very plush.

We have also been to Hopton and not upgraded which was still nice but not heated throughout.

BUT I don't think you would get a cot in any of the bedrooms. I think they usually say you have to put them in the living room area.

BlueSmarties Mon 13-Jul-09 19:16:47

Hi - went to caister and upgraded to 12ft caravan and ds's travel cot fit at end of bed but that meant we couldn't open door to ensuite. One of beds in other bedroom folded away so there would be room in there.

Had a great time but remember there is a windfarm at Caister for a reason. I'd forgotten all about it until we got to the end of the road that meets the seafront and spotted the windmills going at full speed.

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