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Quick question about Marriott Hotels,

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serin Sat 27-Jun-09 22:26:24

Does anyone know if they will allow a third child to share parents room or is it strictly family of four??

DadInsteadofMum Wed 01-Jul-09 11:59:58

Yes and no - I have had both answers, when they said no they did let me have a connecting room at a discount rate.

tiredemma Wed 01-Jul-09 12:06:38

I dont know, but I have to say that Marriot have the best beds that I have ever slept in.

serin Wed 01-Jul-09 23:49:14

Thanks, I will give them a ring then, at the moment they are coming in at a staggering £55 a night cheaper than the nearby youth hostel and the YH doesn't have a pool (or comfy beds!).

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