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Center Parcs - Elveden

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babysbreath Thu 25-Jun-09 16:59:03

Just wondering if anyone can help.

We are off to Center Parcs at Elveden shortly with our 2 year old.

Has anyone got any great tips.

Also, can anyone recommend restaurants for us all to eat in.

One more thing is there any evening entertainment for the adults?


dietqueen Thu 25-Jun-09 18:26:37

Elevdon is a big CP's and we tend to go there in the Summer time as it has long walks especially around the lake.

The kids play area outside of the sports cafe is great...sports cafe is ok but the play area indoors is very small.

Fizzylemonade Thu 25-Jun-09 18:56:26

Agree sports cafe, any restaurant except the very posh ones have a children's play area so that they can kill time in there until their food is ready.

Hire a bike with a trailer on so your little one can go in that and there is a small area in the back for your shopping.

Feed the ducks/squirrels/rabbits on your patio every day, go for walks/bike rides to explore. There are lots of activities you can do with your wee one, messy play where they get to stick their hands in jelly and spaghetti etc

Swimming pool is fab with areas for the little ones, decent sized family changing cubicles so you can juggle who dresses/undresses your child.

There is entertainment in the evening although to be honest it is limited and we have never yet gone to any although my in-laws did. We just sit outside, chill with a nice bottle of wine, chat, eat, watch dvd. Very relaxing.

My advice is if you wanted a nice evening out do the world of spa at aquasana. Tis lovely. envy

Elveden is one of the bigger sites we love that above all the others.

babysbreath Thu 25-Jun-09 20:16:20

Thank you for your responses - very helpful indeed. I'll let you know how it went when we return.

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