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babysitter in london?

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nybom Sun 21-Jun-09 18:35:51

apologies if this is the wrong MN forum or if the question is not permitted (?)...:

we're going to london next week and would need a babysitter for a couple of hours on friday evening (DS1 is almost 5, DS2 is 1 year old).

there must be loads of ladies from the london area on MN surely...? hmm

notyummy Sun 21-Jun-09 18:45:19

Almost certainly! I guess the only problem being that you don't know who they are....and whilst they are probably lovely people, there is no way of knowing.

There are a number of agencies (some like Sitters who have been around for years.) They have experienced staff with full criminal records checks and references. They also charge quite a bit.....

Kiwinyc Mon 22-Jun-09 13:13:04

I suggest you call one of the many Nanny Agencies in London many of whom can offer one-time babysitting or use, I've used the latter and their staff are all thoroughly checked.

Or, if you are staying in a hotel they should have an agency they normally use. is a good place to find a Nanny Agency.

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