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LLyn Peninsual - particularly Nefyn area

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fifitot Sun 21-Jun-09 17:28:42

Is it nice? Any ideas of what to do with the kids if it rains!

Can you hire beach umbrellas or windbreaks and what beach would anyone recommend?


fifitot Sun 21-Jun-09 17:28:56


LovelyRitaMeterMaid Sun 21-Jun-09 17:30:46

I went there with my family about 20 years ago and we loved it smile. Not sure what there is to do there now but we enjoyed the beaches at Llanbedrog, Nefyn, and Morfa Nefyn. I'm sure you could hire windbreaks then, but I think we may have had our own.

Katymac Sun 21-Jun-09 17:35:34

It used to be lovely (when I was little about 30 odd years ago)

We are going to Towyn beach in August & I can't wait

Nefyn & Morfa Nefyn are very nice - as is Tudweiliog - you are close(ish) to Port Merion (sp - where they filmed the Prisoner)

There used to be a gypsy caravan there which you could play in (but I think it's out of bounds now)

The was a shop that sold very nice ham

No idea about brollies/windbreaks sorry

edam Sun 21-Jun-09 18:10:48

Oh, nice ham is very MN. grin

Dunno about Nefyn but the base of the peninsula, around Porthmadog, is lovely. Great beaches (Black Rock, Borth y Gest, Criccieth if you like pebbles) and Portmeirion. If it rains, Ffestiniog Railway, or one of the slate mines.

Fennel Mon 22-Jun-09 10:36:46

If it rains you can go to a cafe/art gallery at Llanbedrog, it has large gardens for the children to play with, it's right by the beach too.

Or you can go to Carnarfon to the swimming pool or the castle. Or to Portmerion, which is lovely, it's sort of outdoors but not as exposed as other places.

We've had some lovely holidays on the llyn penninsula, sunny and rainy.

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