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Where to stay in Newcastle and what should we see?

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NoMoreNagging Sun 21-Jun-09 14:42:24

I have to plan 2 days in Newcastle so I need a hotel in the centre. If I book myself I will end up on disco street or some nightclub area which is not what I want. Where should I be looking at?

Any tips on how to spend the day too?

NoMoreNagging Sun 21-Jun-09 15:47:22

Please, any help out there?

Every time I think I've found a decent hotel I read the reviews and it says great for a stag party or great for staggering back from the bars and that's definately not what I'm looking for. I guess i'll have to pay abit more but some palces are so expensive I can only afford 1 night!

fifitot Sun 21-Jun-09 17:26:21

I am from Newcastle so hope I can help. The Malmaison on the Quayside is a nice hotel but the quayside is party central so maybe avoid that.

The Vermont is also on the Quayside but is up high and is a fairly solid and nice hotel with great views of all the bridges. TBH if you are staying in the city centre you can't avoid the bars and stuff but you can still avoid the worst of it and go to nice places.

Try the Hilton which is on the Gateshead side which is expensive or the Copthorne. If you go to Newcastle you should stay near the river IMO as it's so beautiful. These can all be expensive but you can usually get offers on the web.

Or try Jesmond which is a suburb a couple of miles away. Quieter but only a metro journey away and nice bars and restaurants - a bit Hampstead of the NE but not as posh!

To spend the time .......sighseeing and shopping! The riverfront is nice to walk along and marvel at the bridges over the Tyne, stopping off for a drink or a coffee at any number of cafes and bars. Cross over the river on the blinking eye bridge to go to the Baltic. Even if you don't like art, it's worth going and looking around. Walk up to Grey Street which is a fantastic Georgian street which was voted Britain's best in some competition once. There are nice shops up round there.

If you have time take the Metro to Tynemouth which is about 30mins. It's a lovely seaside village with an ancient priory and castle. Lovely beach too.

Tell me what you are interested in and I will give you some more ideas if you want.

PS - Grey Street Hotel is meant to be nice too.

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