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Shopping near legoland?

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Zaor Sat 20-Jun-09 14:51:45

Hi folks

coming over to Legoland in a few weeks. staying in Maidenhead Holiday Inn. Looking for a big shopping centre - heading towards wales direction on M4 so anywhere in that area. Want a big Marks and Debenhams - that sort of place.


LIZS Sat 20-Jun-09 17:53:09

Reading ?

scienceteacher Sat 20-Jun-09 17:55:10

Reading, probably.

Work2hard Sat 20-Jun-09 22:02:02

Reading has all that.
Slough has small Debenhams etc.
Windosr has very nice "posher" shops - Links, Phase 8 that sort of thing, plus m and s.

scienceteacher Sat 20-Jun-09 22:08:19

The M&S in Windsor is dire. I'd rather go to Staines, which also has a Debenhams and BHS.

LadyOfWaffle Sat 20-Jun-09 22:10:06

Big Marks - The Meadows in Camberely. Other than that, Reading is good and not too far.

LadyOfWaffle Sat 20-Jun-09 22:11:19

M & S in Windsor is tiny and not very good, but it does have a range of brand type shops - GAP/Zara/French Connection all that sort of thing.

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