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Bluestone Park - I have questions!

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SparklyPrincess Wed 17-Jun-09 10:49:26

We're considering going to Bluestone at the beginning of September, and I've been trying to find information beyond their glossy website.

The reason we like the idea of the place is that the accommodation looks nice and we like the option of having the pool to go to easily.

The questions - how easy is it to get off site? I understand that cars are kept in the car park away from the accommodation, am I going to need a buggy to get a 2 year old and a just 4 year old to the car? And also, how easy is it to get around the site with kids of this age?

Also, the amusement park next door - is it intrusive? Other reviews that I've seen have been off-season so said it wasn't too bad, but it looks like it shuts at 5 so at least it wouldn't be keeping the kids awake.


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