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edinburgh route plan....please help

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bhk3 Mon 15-Jun-09 21:11:46

i've just now booked train tckt to edinburgh haymarket train station. cud anybody let me know how far is it from city centre & what r the nearby places to see. what's the best way of transport in the city? i'm travelling with a toddler. is the place pricy? which s the best hotel to stay?

hairtwiddler Mon 15-Jun-09 21:15:00

Edinburgh Waverley is right in city centre - you should get off there if possible.
How long are you going for and when?

bhk3 Mon 15-Jun-09 21:53:39

i'm going fro two days. i rly have no idea about the city. does waverley come before haymarket? how far is it from haymarket?

bargainhuntingbetty Mon 15-Jun-09 21:55:26

waverly and heymarket are quite far apart. Most of the toouristy bits are at the waverly end.

jkklpu Mon 15-Jun-09 21:58:33

Haymarket is pretty central, too - depends where you're staying which one you'd choose. Price will be the same either way. They're about half an hour's walk apart, maybe slightly more, or 5 mins on the train.

Edinburgh Castle is the most obvious sight: it overlooks the city on a huge crag in the heart of the Old Town. It's a great city to walk around, though very hilly so not ideal with a buggy and heavy child. Princes St Gdns are good for kids to run around, as are the Meadows, up the hill beyond the old town in university area. Architecture in old (mediaeval) and new (18th century) towns v impressive. Lots of museums as well as kitzsch tartan shops and fine pubs and good eateries. Depends what you want, really.

K999 Mon 15-Jun-09 22:01:15

Waverley is about a 10/15 min walk from Haymarket. Haymarket comes first. There are loads to see and do;
Dynamic Earth
Royal Mile
Art Galleries

all within walking distance of Waverley...

hairtwiddler Mon 15-Jun-09 22:02:22

It's a while since I've arrived by train but think it may depend on the direction you are travelling. Waverley is the main station though so should stop there.
Great city to visit although if you are going in August you may find hotel accomodation difficult to come by due to the festival/fringe.
Edinburgh isn't cheap but galleries and museums free. There's the castle of course, and princes st Gardens. Also botanic gardens, edinburgh zoo (penguin parade).
Hoping someone more local will help you soon!

bhk3 Mon 15-Jun-09 22:23:56

thanks ladies i'm travelling from manchester by virgin trains in july. do they charge if i make changes to the stations?

hf128219 Mon 15-Jun-09 22:30:20

I doubt it would make any difference to price what station you get off at.

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