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Any ideas for booking a cottage for 2 adults + 4 children BEFORE school holidays start?

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accessorizequeen Wed 10-Jun-09 21:59:57

It's just come to me that I absolutely desperately need a holiday. It's been a fairly tough time since dt's were born (they're 8 months, we also have ds's 5.6 and 2.6). I think I can persuade dp that we need one but can't afford the school hol prices for the kind of place I would like (e.g. Baby bolthole-style accom). I don't want to stay in a traditional style homey cottage, I want some luxury & child friendly features preferably a pool or beach nearby or fab outdoor activities onsite so we can keep ds1 happy but not get in the car all the time.

We're in Yorkshire, don't want to travel more than 3 hours to get somewhere with up to 4 screaming children. So possibly Northumbria, Nottinghamshire, Cumbria? I looked on baby boltholes (oh, heaven), the place I liked and we could afford-ish is not available for a week. I've looked at several cottage websites in the last hour or so and not getting anywhere and don't have much time to search.

Is there any hope or have I left it too late?

TheRedSalamander Wed 10-Jun-09 22:21:28

I'm looking too accessorizequeen (although a bit further south, I'm in Herefordshire so don't worry we're not chasing the same places ;)) and with similarly pants results. Want just a weekend commencing 26th June for me, 2 ds's (4.6 and 11m) a friend and her dd (2.8). Will be ending up in a travelodge somewhere being miserable if I don't find something soon!

Have you tried, I've always been thrilled with their places and some are very reasonably priced too. Nothing that suits our requirements this time sadly

Good luck!

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