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due to unforeseen circs, lovely chalet in Cornwall to rent 18-25 July

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time4tea Wed 10-Jun-09 07:31:00

A wonderful friend of my family has a lovely chalet in Rock, just across the estuary from Padstow - Rick Stein's town, where if you can't get to the posh restaurant, you can go to his magnificent chip-shop and delis. Sleeps 6 (double bed, 2 singles, fold-out bed) lovely and peaceful.

You can search "Little Treverrow" online and see the kind of place it is, some of the other chalets are for rent commercially, this is usually rented out to friends and family.

You really need a car for it, and although when I booked it late last year I had already started taking my tests, 3 tests later I still haven't passed sadhmmangry, so I cancelled my booking, and it still hasn't been taken by anyone from the usual group of friends and family that snaps it up. I went a few years ago (with a friend that drives and our 3 children)and it was lovely. There's a great deck outside the chalet for watching the sun go down... very peaceful.. TV and videos for the children

Rate at this time of year is £450 for a week - very reasonable for around that part of Cornwall (great beaches)

If you are interested - contact Hicks Family <> and Charlie Hicks will get back to you with full details.

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