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Recommendations needed please- Where's the nicest place to stay in Cornwall this summer?

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stripeypineapple Wed 03-Jun-09 11:11:29

We're thinking about either renting a cottage or maybe a chalet type affair for the last week of July.

We'd like to be near a beach and will have a car.

We'd like some stuff to do that will appeal to us and DD who is 7 either together or separately, i.e if we were stay in a chalet on a holiday camp sort of place we'd like one with a good kids club or if we went for a cottage we'd like one that was relatively close to some nice walks and some interesting things to look at and do.

I used to go with a friend every Easter when we were little girls to a place, I think, was called Portlooe. It was tiny, like 3 cottages and a pub set around a tiny beach. Anybody know it?

Thanks all.

Phoenix Wed 03-Jun-09 11:23:14

Bosinver Farm Cottages

This place is fab with a quiet beach a short drive away.

We're just booked for our 3rd visit.

I'm not sure there will be any availability for July though but keep it in mind for the future

Phoenix Wed 03-Jun-09 11:24:29

Oh just checked and it is fully booked.

Phoenix Wed 03-Jun-09 11:26:52

We've been to this one before but it's not as nice but is a lot cheaper. Very basic apartments/chalets but if you only use it to sleep in they're not too bad

stripeypineapple Wed 03-Jun-09 16:32:42

Thanks Phoenix.

I've been looking ALL day and almost everywhere is booked.

Anyone with more suggestions?

hatwoman Wed 03-Jun-09 16:38:13

I went for a weekend to Mevagissey and rather fell in love with it. v. small beach but great cafe that lets you take their mugs onto the beach. just down the road from the Lost Gardens of Heligan and quite close to the Eden project.

smirk at Portlooe - it sounds like Portaloo!

mummydoc Wed 03-Jun-09 16:39:10

bedruthen steps hotel absolutely fabulous, pricey though, theyhave appments where you can do bed and breakfast if oyu do not want the dinner

DarrellRivers Wed 03-Jun-09 16:49:37

Everywhere is booked grin
I spent this weekend looking for the last week in July , and had to book a cottage in Wales with an untested company.

Nezzi Wed 03-Jun-09 16:51:52

We stayed in Padstow last Summer, it p**d it down the whole week but it was lovely. There were lots of children so there must have been stuff for them to do but I was pregnant at the time so didn't really take much notice. The Eden Project wasn't too far away & The Camel Trail for walking & cycling was very popular.
Obviously, lots of fishing type stuff too.
Lovely place, I'd def go back with DS.

Kimi Wed 03-Jun-09 16:54:46

We go to DPs parents, they have a massive house with grounds and a boat so we sail.

Watch out for wever fish though DS stood on one last year,and it REALLY hurts.

stripeypineapple Wed 03-Jun-09 17:04:31

Right Kimi, We're coming with you. Sounds right up my street...grounds....sailing....yes please smile

TheGashlycrumbTinies Wed 03-Jun-09 17:46:36

Agree with mummydoc, we have been there 4 times and enjoyed it.

mogwai Wed 03-Jun-09 20:39:06

Try Lanhams (St Ives Holidays) or Aspects.

They will probably still have one or two properties that week.

St Ives is fab all round.

HumpingAnteater Thu 04-Jun-09 04:47:14

We have stayed here several times

The site is realitivly quiet beach is nice, not overcrowded
Close to Flambards and Gweek (seal sanctuary)
Roskillys etc etc

Kimi Fri 05-Jun-09 08:35:18

Ok stripy, do you play croquet?

stripeypineapple Fri 05-Jun-09 12:09:05

Yes and polo smile

PavlovtheCat Mon 15-Jun-09 16:48:37

some great beaches here we stay around here]] a lot, go to Porthcothan/Merlin beaches, great cliff walks, Eden Project etc is accessible by car.

ocdgirl Sun 21-Jun-09 19:13:49

we're going to harlyn sands this year with my son who will be 3y 7m old they have got an indoor pool so that sold it to me lol they have got a kids club and it's very close to harlyn bay (which is a gorgeous beach imo) i think they only do caravans though so it depends what you are looking for, just type harlyn sands holiday park into google and it should come up with all the details

blametheparents Sun 21-Jun-09 19:27:31

We have booked here for this summer.
We only booked a few weeks ago and there was sill availability then.
Cornwall does seem to be fully booked this year.

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