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Toddler Friendly Accomodation somewhere in or near South East England

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NoTart Mon 01-Jun-09 21:25:52

Any suggestions? Up to around 500 quid a week peak season? Is this reasonable? I guess this rules out hotels, which may not be ideal with toddlers anyway. I am also considering any kind of holiday park..

Any ideas very welcome!

LightShinesInTheDarkness Mon 01-Jun-09 23:48:42

Why dont you give the Indpendent Hostels webiste a look?

NoTart Tue 02-Jun-09 11:55:28

Thanks for that, had look through, difficult to search through for family rooms, also worried it could be too loud for toddlers used to a quiet life.. not to mention lack of cot. But I like the idea when the kids are older, nice to meet people from all walks of life, important as we live abroad and kids have little contact with other English folk.

Can anyone recommend some kind of holiday park that is not Butlins or similar? I´m thinking chalet style accommodation which can accommodate a cot (the cot has to go in the living room of a caravan - definitely don´t want this..)

LightShinesInTheDarkness Tue 02-Jun-09 12:43:40

I searched on Country Holidays
just now (we have used them for years, never had a duff cottage and they have a wide variety of accommodation - we stayed in a chalet once).

United Kingdom , All Regions sleeping 3 people for 7 nights on 7 August 2009 returned 243 properties, all under £500. But that is from all over the country - I think you might struggle to get under £500 in a Southern seaside place peak season.

Good luck though, I am sure some resourceful MNer will come along with a brilliant suggestion in a minute!

NoTart Tue 02-Jun-09 12:53:25

Thanks again, price doesn´t seem to be a big issue, availability might be peak season, fingers crossed! Grest to have a reccommendation - it´s such hard work trawling through websites.. does anyone actually enjoy plannign a holiday or is the best plan to just randomly select and hope for the best?!

LightShinesInTheDarkness Tue 02-Jun-09 12:58:18

I can definitely recommend that company, we have been using them for around 15 years.

Another thing you might try is Farm Holidays, which would be great for a toddler. There are a number of companies advertising on the Net.

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