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baby equipment rental in London

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shubiedoo Tue 19-May-09 22:31:41

Hello London mnetters...
We live in Canada and will be staying in my sister-in-law's flat in Kensington for a few days at the beginning of August... en route later to Ireland for a wedding. We need to rent or borrow two travel cots for ds2 (2.5) and 6-month-old dd.
Anyone in that area know of a rental place, or even better, who could lend us a cot?!
Thanks in advance!

Kiwinyc Thu 21-May-09 19:35:25

have no idea about rental but we live just north of kensington (Queens Park) and can lend you a travel cot if you want? it has a bassinet bit and i bought a extra thicker foam mattress for it so it would be suitable for either your 2.5yo or your 6mth old.

its just sitting in a cupboard so you're welcome to borrow it.

shubiedoo Sat 23-May-09 00:25:52

Hi, that's so kind of you! Thanks! Dh's sister is also asking around, so I'll get back to you closer to the time (we arrive July 31.)
Again, thanks a lot!

Kiwinyc Sat 23-May-09 11:12:17

No problem, i'll put a watch on this thread and you can let me know. Its still all in brand new condition and I'm sure you'll take care of it if you do need it!

shubiedoo Wed 15-Jul-09 13:10:14

Just a quick follow-up, is it still OK to borrow the cot from you? It would be such a help.
I wonder could you let me know the address, and I'll see if my brother-in-law can collect it from you around 30 July.
Again thanks. Any treat you'd like from Canada grin?

shubiedoo Wed 15-Jul-09 14:37:38

Just realised you probably don't want to post your address on an internet forum! You can email me at:
lisa underscore odriscoll @ hotmail . com. Without spaces of course! Or find me on facebook: Lisa MacLean O'Driscoll.
Thanks again!

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