Brean Sands Pontin.

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Tortoise Thu 07-May-09 20:51:06

Trying to find cheap holiday for me and 4 DC.Normally goto Haven but expensive for 7 nights in August.
Anyone been to Pontins?
What is it like?

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JudithCole Fri 08-May-09 00:30:21

Hi Tortoise,

What Pontins are you looking at and when are you looking to go?

I have been to Pontins Blackpool, Pontins Southport and Pontins Prestatyn.

I have a caravan at Butlins in Minehead which I rent out, there are two summer holiday weeks left, what is your budget for a summer holiday?


Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 13:28:40

Was looking at brean Pontins.
Anytime during August as long as i can get my Brother to agree to have my Greyhound!
Not sure of Budget but Pontins 2 bed ones are around £600. (Would be me and 4 DC)

My problem is finding somewhere we can get to on train/bus as i don't

Kids would love to go to Butlins.

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retiredgoth2 Fri 08-May-09 13:34:38

Brean Pontins is ok.

....Mark Warner it ain't, but then it is priced accordingly, and does exactly as advertised.

There is plenty of activity, particularly for younger children, and although Brean is a little, er, 'kiss me quick' it does have an enormous and lovely beach.

....It isn't too far from Burnham and Highbridge station, I believe you can get a 'bus, but a taxi wouldn't be terminally expensive.

A similar sort of place to Haven, but does the job much better in my opinion!


Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 13:51:16

Thanks RG. From here we can get train, train, bus the very short walk to Pontins. Just under 2 hours travel!

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Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 13:51:32


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carrielou2007 Fri 08-May-09 17:42:01

I live in the town of weston-super-mare which is the other side of Brean Down.

There are plenty of buses into Weston and Burnham. The place is empty in winter but in summer it will be packed!!! Lovely to walk along the beach in the evenings if the weather is nice.

I would get a taxi though you will have to book one as the station is tiny and there is no taxi rank.

Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 17:54:49

Would a taxi not be expensive? Especially as would need to be bigger than a normal car. Not many firms have 7 seaters.

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TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 08-May-09 17:57:33

There are quite a few cheap ones for about £250 -300 on Hoseasons also look at we have just booked 7 nights in Devon in Aug for £400. smile

TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 08-May-09 17:58:11

Sorry i ment park resorts

Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 18:01:27

Will look for hoseasons.
Looked at park resorts but none close enough to get to on public transport.sad

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carrielou2007 Fri 08-May-09 18:01:51

Well the station is very close to the centre of Highbridge (tiny place) so you could get a bus to BoS then bus to Brean, could be bit iffy with luggage and a bit of a phaff though.

Years ago I worked in BoS when I didn't have a car and tried going by train and walking. The walk was about half an hour. Then Brean is prob another 4 miles away. Easy by bus again.

You may be better getting off the train at weston and getting the bus to Brean. Our buses here are First Choice so you could look up some timetables?? Or look up local taxi firms and try to book a 7 seater?? Or even a taxi from weston?? Taxi rank outside or opposite is huge Tesco and also couple of good local firms (Apple, Arc, Central) you could prob pre-book?

TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 08-May-09 18:03:37

We were going to book through Hoseasons there was a few really cheap offers on holiday parks, not sure about transport though, but im sure you could find something.

By the way my DS's love Butlins in Minehead we go most years but fancied a change. smile

Tortoise Fri 08-May-09 18:15:38

Using the journey planner on Pontins website we would need to go by train to WSM. Then catch a bus which take 32 mins. Then a 3 min walk to the park.
Hoseasons may be ok. There is one in Weymouth.Just reading up on it. Price is a bit more though.

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RichTom Thu 18-Apr-13 01:28:24

Went to Brean Sands a few years ago for a 4 night Pontins holiday. Heard Pontin's were refurbishing the chalets so may stay there in the summer for a short break.

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