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Hooray - we've booked a cottage my mum's 80th b'day in Overcliff, Bournemouth

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 28-Apr-09 13:14:53

Thanks to all for your suggestions. Don't want to look at another holiday website for a long time.

merlin Tue 28-Apr-09 19:37:50

Good news! I live there so just to say that the Overcliff is the area of road running along the cliff top - do you know if it is West Cliff or East Cliff?

extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 28-Apr-09 23:51:37

It's the Southbourne area merlin - don't know if that is West or East Cliff? Near Avoncliffe Road. It looks lovely on the website. How lucky for you to live there. Any recommendations on where to eat?

merlin Wed 29-Apr-09 11:04:01

Ah - Southbourne Overcliff - I'm minutes away from there actually!

What sort of food do you like to eat? There is a lovely cafe on the clifftop at Fishermans Walk - probably about 10/15 min walk from where you'll be. Nice seating area outside with fab views over the sea. Good for a snack or light lunch. Not sure if they open in the evenings.

Also Spyglass and Kettle pub, Commodore pub (again on the Overcliff) - haven't been in either of them for for a while so not sure what they are like but serve the usual pub meals.

A short drive down into Christchurch and you will find Pnocchios - fab pizzas. If you fancy a night out with DH there is the Captain Club which is very modern and swanky - great restaurant and fab cocktails in the bar. Check out the website

merlin Wed 29-Apr-09 11:06:04

Sorry duff link -

Or you have Kings Rhodes (Gary's new brasserie)

SalBySea Wed 29-Apr-09 11:11:16

if you walk up to Boscombe pier, Urban Beach (up the rd from pier) is nice (bar/restaurant), and they are opening a restaurant on the beach near the pier called Urban Reef next week so I'm guessing that'll be nice too.

Or if you like sea food, walk down past heignesbury head to mudeford and either the place in with the beach huts, or take the little ferry over the harbour opening to the pub which also does fab sea food.

Salvatories in Southbourne is a very unassuming but fab genuine italian tratoria, all italian run and supplied by a local italian run smokery etc. Really cheap, not posh but very good food.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Wed 29-Apr-09 12:36:40

Thanks so much merlin and salbysea. We've rented a cottage on the seafront which was pricy but I hope worth it as the views are stunning.

These sort of recommendations make the trip even more exciting. Captains Club Hotel looks fab. We like Italian and mum likes traditional pub type food. Are there good places to take our 20 month old?

Thanks once again. If you ever need recommendations of where to go in London give me a shout.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Wed 10-Jun-09 14:47:12

Hi just wanted to say we had a great time in Southbourne last week. We ate at the Upper Deck which was lovely and only about a 5 minute walk from where we were staying. We also ate Bistro on the Beach on Southbourne beaches which was a great location but food was so-so, menu limited and pretty pricy. Also strange that it was closed Monday and Tuesday but I think that's changing for summer. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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