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Things to do in Lancashire?

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rozzyraspberry Sun 19-Apr-09 21:57:18

Hi - we're going to Ribble Hall Village near Blackpool for a week at the start of July. There's me, dh, ds1 (6), ds2 (4) and ds3 (who will be 15 months).

Are any of you local to/familiar with that area? Any good days out/things to do? Really it will be things that the 6 and 4 year olds will enjoy (dh and I and ds3 will mainly be tagging alongsmile). So far we plan to go to Blackpool zoo and pleasureland (where we can use tesco vouchers!) Any other recommendations - outdoor and indoor in case we don't get nice weather.

Thank you.

BocciBalls Sun 19-Apr-09 22:02:56

Hi there

Lots of simple but fun things to do - Lowther Gardens in Lytham has mini golf, playground etc. Fairhaven lake also in Lytham-St Annes has boats to take out on small lake, various outdoor activities. Used to be (and probably still is) a riding stables in Wrea Green (nearest village to Ribby Hall), they might do activities during the week. Donkey rides on Blackpool beach. Go up the Tower and stand on glass shelf at the top / see the views. Think there is a leisure pool (Sandcastle) in Blackpool but might have gone now. Piers in Blackpool, tram rides. Don't know when illuminations are on but brilliant for small kids for a night time treat.

Will post more if I can think of any

BocciBalls Sun 19-Apr-09 22:11:05

ah sorry see illuminations don't start until Sept. but the Sandcastle is still there.

Bpool Tower is now big site for lots of entertainment apparently including Jungle Jims

(eh lad it's all different from what it was back in the day...)

rozzyraspberry Mon 20-Apr-09 10:44:36

Thanks Bocciballs - someone did tell us about the leisure pool but they thought it was called the 'Sands' so I couldn't find anything about it - will look for Sandcastle though. Might have to give the glass shelf a miss myself (can't stand heights!!) but I'm sure dh and the older 2 would like it!!

deanychip Mon 20-Apr-09 10:53:45

Sandcastle is great yes, go there!

If you are not wanting to spend much money then:

pack up a picnic lunch (or treat yourselves to lunch out)
Stanley park is lovely for a morning or afternoon, has a gorgeous Victorian Villa cafe there.

The sand dunes in St Annes are a gorgeous very fun day outwith buckets and spades with little ones, will not cost a bean.

Lytham front is lovely with a little train, trampolines, and other fun stuff for kids...its just a lovely walk in fresh air as well.

The trams at Blackpool are great novelty fun, after the sand castle you could get a tram to Cleveleys, get off, get an icecream, sit on the front which has all been done up and is like bieng abroad, (spotlessly clean) then hop back onto the tram to the sandcastle and nip off up to your holiday village. That would be a whole fab fun day out.

There is lots to do in Blackpool, the piers have fun fairs etc on them, bit cheesy but ok for a wander.

You have also got the Lake District an hour up the road which i would HIGHLY recommend, again it would be a full day out but a fantastic day out padling in Coniston, or at one of the Tarns up there.

There are lots of touristy type places pleasure beach , Tower etc, can be pricey and a bit disapointingly run down.

You will all have a lovely time.

BocciBalls Mon 20-Apr-09 14:31:45

again might be showing my age but the dunes at St Annes used to have a reputation as a cottaging venue. It is still a really safe area and the beach and dunes are absolutely fine to be on, but it is always worth knowing these things as background! don't be put off by this, please!!

deanychip Mon 20-Apr-09 18:07:58

Oh Dear God, i never knew that!
We spent tons of time there over the last 3 summers and it has always been full of happy families with kids.
I had no idea, well we certainly had NO experiences of this.
Thansk for the warning though.

jeez, you think tha you know a place!!!

BocciBalls Mon 20-Apr-09 22:01:52

well i was warned by my mother about funny men hanging about in the dunes .... so probably not a problem these days!!

ricardocomet Mon 07-Sep-09 14:21:26

Hi, If you have kids aged between 6yrs and 14yrs and you want a short break, I run a KIDS DISCO, which I started in May 2000. It is held every Friday night at Euxton Parish Church Community Centre, Wigan Road, Euxton, Nr Chorley, Lancashire. 7.30pm to 9pm and admission is just £2. We have a tuck shop selling pop, crisps and sweets. Strict rules of behavior apply and all the adult staff are CRB checked. No Mums and Dads allowed, but there is a very good Italian Restaurant right next door so you can have a nice meal while you wait. For further information you can log on to:
Or just phone me on: 01257 231119

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