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Park-resort caravan parks - any good points???

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helsbels4 Thu 16-Apr-09 19:25:23

I came across Park-resort holiday parks on the internet and thought it would be good to go away for a long weekend with dh and the dc's.

I noticed you could use your Tesco clubcard vouchers for their holidays and thought things were getting better and better.

I now have my vouchers here ready to spend but I've been searching the net this afternoon reading reviews of their parks in Kent and Essex and they all sound DIRE!!!!

From what I can gather, lots of people say the brochure is misleading to say the least and it's pot-luck whether you get a decent mobile home or not because they just hire out homes that people used to own but have sold on to them hmm. It's also said that some of the parks are really noisy with foul-mouthed yobs roaming til the early hours!

I just wondered if anyone has ever tried out Park-resorts, or heard anything about them and whether I should take the chance or quit while I'm ahead?

sneekpeeks Thu 16-Apr-09 21:30:25

We stayed at a Park resort in cornwall last Sept - caravan wasn't the nicest, but it had been a VERY wet summer and I just thought, as it was the end of the season, it was prob enevitable that the caravan carpet and sofas was going be in abit of a state.
Swimming pool (only went once) was freezing and the changing rooms were quite dirty.
Soft play area was ok, no probs there.

Overall, it was a late booking on our part and I'm sure if it was the beginning of the season, the caravan would probably of been quite nice.
Don't think it was worth the money that we paid, even for a late booking.

Hope this helps.........

helsbels4 Fri 17-Apr-09 09:58:39

Thanks sneekpeeks, yes it does help!

I just don't seem to be reading anything very good about the caravans and parks in general tbh!

The whole idea of going away was to relax for the weekend but if it's going to be dirty etc then there's not much point in going!

It'll be a waste of the Tesco vouchers but ho hum.

CountessPhoenix4725 Sat 18-Apr-09 07:22:10

we stayed on one at isel of wight which was lovely.which 2 are you thinging of in essex i live not far from 2 Clacton way an can give you somepointers about them.

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Apr-09 08:14:43

Isle of Wight Nodes Point is one we have been to two or three times, mainly because it has direct access to the beach.

The pool is ok - the temperature does vary from day to day. The clubhouse is ok, and the kids club team this year are very good.

The accomodation is variable - go for the best you can afford.

Have also been to Camber Sands and whilst the beach location is good, I found the clientele a bit dodgy.

tassisssss Sat 18-Apr-09 08:26:15

we've booked one in Northumberland using our tesco points...i have very low expectations, but it's that or nowhere!

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 08:28:11

We were looking into Snurland Dale, Warden Springs or Ashcroft Coast, all around the Isle of Sheppey way but as I said, I'm struggling to read a review with a good word to say about them!

I was also considering Weeley Bridge, Valley Farm, Coopers Beach and Martello Beach but I gave up when all the reviews were so bad!

I'm not too fussed about the pool or entertainment tbh but the mobile home would have to be my priority and be really clean otherwise I would just feel really uncomfortable.

I heard that they just hire out people's old homes that they don't want anymore, so it really would be a lottery wouldn't it as to whether you were given a nice home or not?

I really don't know whether to take the chance or not!

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 08:32:16

That's it isn't it tassisssss (maybe too many s' there!) it's either that or camping and just seems way too chilly for me to enjoy that at the mo!

Chippy, I've heard alot about Camber Sands as it's not that far away from me and that's enough to not make me want to go there!!! The sand dunes at Camber are nice for the children though.

nkf Sat 18-Apr-09 08:53:20

I went to one last year with a friend. I was nervous for the same reasons and it was fine. The mobile home was clean and there were no yobs. The site had a rule about no single sex groups. Perhaps you can enquire about that.

MegBusset Sat 18-Apr-09 09:07:19

We stayed at PR Camber Sands last year, our caravan was spotless and better equipped than many we've stayed on in private sites! (We did upgrade to Gold standard because we wanted heating in all bedrooms.)

The site was absolutely fine, full of families with young kids, and can't say we heard any late-night noise (we were quite far from the bar complex though). The entertainment was cheesy as anything but, honestly, it was fine and very good value -- we will be going back this year hopefully.

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 09:32:09

Ah, now your two responses are completely the opposite of what I've read so far, so now I'm really confused (doesn't take much clearly!)

I think I will investigate further about the single sex groups because the issue of foul-mouthed yobs and late night noise cropped up several times in the reviews.

Meg, I had already made up my mind to go for Gold standard as I liked the idea of heating in all the rooms and I'm hoping you get what you pay for iyswim?

I really am undecided as to whether to go for it or not! The alternative was to go away for the night with dh (it's our anniversary when we were thinking of going and we've never had a night away on our own before!) but that would mean the dc's going to mil for the night and I don't think they'd go for that compared to a weekend in a caravan!!!

I'm so undecided!!!!!

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Apr-09 10:02:58

The single-sex groups is a bit of a red herring isn't it? Mixed or family groups can be just as inconsiderate.

PuppyMonkey Sat 18-Apr-09 10:08:35

I've been to one in Scarborough and literally just come back from one in Great Yarmouth.

First one was a gold and it was really nice. Second one was a silver and not so nice, but perfectly ok.

Our site was all aimed at the kids cos it was Easter holz. Full of families getting pissed in the bar while their kids roamed around causing havoc. All a bit tatooed and pierced if you know what I mean. The pool at Yarmouth was awful, but it was good at Scarborough.

Having said that, we just used it as a base to go off and have fun and do our own thing. Never really went to the entertainments complex this last time. Never heard too much noise or rowdiness either and out site was PACKED. £240 for a week's accommodation. You get what you pay for really!

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Apr-09 10:11:09

I think the Isle of Wight ferry effectively filters out a lot of the riffraff. Plenty of tattoos on display in the pool though - I was in awe!

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 11:36:53

I know what you mean about it not just being single-sex groups that cause the noise and rowdiness. One review said it was young children roaming the park until 1.30am making noise!

I would definitely go for a gold standard and the clubhouse/entertainment side doesn't particularly appeal to me, so I'm even more undecided now as to whether we should take the chance!

I just know that I'll be a complete pita if it's grim. We went to a caravan park years ago and I had to clean it all before I could stay there - it was awful.

MegBusset Sat 18-Apr-09 11:45:21

Tbh I think if you go to a Park Resorts you have to be prepared to a) enter into the spirit of it and b) take the rough clientele with the smooth! If you're going to feel at all snobbish about it (and I don't mean that in a horrible way, I hope you understand) then perhaps it's not the holiday for you and you should consider going to a small private site instead.

MegBusset Sat 18-Apr-09 11:48:57

E.g. if you are looking around the south coast, we stayed here last year -- it's a small, quiet site right by the beach with static caravans for hire, no on-site entertainments but close to Eastbourne marina for cafes, restaurants etc.

MegBusset Sat 18-Apr-09 11:49:32

E.g. if you are looking around the south coast, we stayed here last year -- it's a small, quiet site right by the beach with static caravans for hire, no on-site entertainments but close to Eastbourne marina for cafes, restaurants etc.

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 13:08:01

Yes well that's it in a nutshell I think Meg, because I'm not sure I am the right sort of person who could just take the rough with the smooth tbh.

I only noticed Park-Resorts because of the affordable price (and because you can use your Tesco clubcard vouchers) but I guess you really do get what you pay for!

Bay view caravan park is just down the road from me! I've thought about going camping there but haven't as yet as I'm not sure they particularly like large tents like ours blush

Oh I don't know! I really don't!

princessmel Sat 18-Apr-09 13:16:52

We have stayed at the Romney Sands and recently at the Sunnydale one near Skegness and they were both AWFUL.

At the Romney one the pool was shut for our entire stay. Chalet was grim. Old, shabby, cold, dirty kitchen utensils and very disappointing. Playground was good and the site was directly opposite the beach.

Last week we went to the one near Skegness and it was simliar. A leaky shower made our bedroom carpet soaking wet, dirty kitchen wear again, pool closed both days, torn (literally in shreds) shower curtains in the changing rooms, no shop to speak of. It more like a kiosk.

We will never go with them again.


jellybeans Sat 18-Apr-09 13:17:09

I have been to loads of this type, nearly all were OK. Most fellow holidayers were totally 'normal'. We only use the clubs a couple times in the week. Only one site was rowdy, police were called several times, youths drinking etc. Even so, we had a great hol, just used it as a base. Only once did we have rowdy neighbours but luckily they were only there for the weekend.

Phoenix4725 Sat 18-Apr-09 13:34:03

Warden springs lol i know it well spent many a mispent day/nite sneaking into park as i lived near by.

/Being honest though if your looking for somewhere ~*nice and note im not being snob as we do holiday at park resorts kid slove it .
would not recommend warden springs .There is not a lot to do there or near by as in places to eat o, unless you head up to the other end of the island.

But admit never been any problems at any of the sites I have been to or the haven ones either

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 13:37:23

So now princessmel says they're awful but jellybeans says they're ok - what shall I do?!!!

There again, I wouldn't call a site that was rowdy and had the police called, ok and having rowdy neighbours and the like is one of the main things that is putting me off.

We wanted to go away for a quiet, relaxing weekend but I think it might be a lottery as to whether we'd get that!

How can these sites justify having dirty and broken things? Don't they think that people spending their hard earned money deserve something at least habitable?

helsbels4 Sat 18-Apr-09 13:42:17

That's interesting Phoenix! Warden Springs looked and sounded lovely on the website hmm it was only after reading the reviews that I began to wonder!

DH doesn't really fancy travelling too far because it's only for the weekend and they're pretty much the nearest to us - although still a two hour drive.

What's your verdict on the cleanliness of the caravans, furniture, bedding etc?

Phoenix4725 Sat 18-Apr-09 13:42:19

Weeley bruidge is a quiet resort , infact is nothing there as its used by lot of older retired people,Martello bay I would advoid as you get a lot of the local kids coming on site

valley farm is ok but the indoor pools not very good paticualry the little kids ones and its bit grim and dirty the park that is
there si highfield Grange in same area park resort yet again.The pools are very nice there were new couple years ago infact if weathers nice they open it up so got big indoor/outdoor pool .Playpark is ok is down by the clubhouse.Pub does ok food but you are pretty central if want to go eat out .

Have been there few times for days as friend has carvan on there , and have never had any problems at all , .But if you want better caravan be worth asking about upgrading we tend have basic long as its clean as were never in there long.

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