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Mullion, Cornwall. Nice area? Worth a visit? Surfing possibilities?

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OrmIrian Mon 16-Mar-09 16:47:20

One bit of Cornwall I don't know well. Thinking of booking something just outside Mullion.

Opinions welcome please

AnyFucker Mon 16-Mar-09 16:59:33

I love Cornwall, have been many, many times but this is one of my least favourite areas tbh.

It is quite remote (maybe you will like that?) but not in a good way IMHO. It is not that picturesque either, rather flat, boring and windswept with a lot of that ugly grass stuff.

There is a horrid caravan park thing there (think, primary colours on billboards screaming in your face) and that is about it really.

There are much nicer places. However, I'm sure there will be people along who completely disagree with me.

Whizzz Mon 16-Mar-09 17:03:16

I think the other coast is better for surfing. Mullion if I remember correctly is on the flatter, muddy estuary side as opposed to the cliffs & rolling surf on the other side (my fave bit)

OrmIrian Mon 16-Mar-09 17:05:34

When you say 'other side' do you mean other side of the Lizard, or other side of Cornwall?

Whizzz Mon 16-Mar-09 17:14:05

Sorry - the other side of Cornwall - Sennen, Bude, Perrenporth, POst Issac much more dramatic scenery IMO & lovely sandy beaches

pooka Mon 16-Mar-09 17:16:09

North cornwall better for surfing IMO.

WhoTookMyMemoryStick Mon 16-Mar-09 17:18:59

I agree, North coast much better for surfing with some fab beaches. I thought the Mullion area looked a bit mean.

OrmIrian Mon 16-Mar-09 17:55:09

THat may be why I've never been down there then grin I know the N coast quite well.

Looking at Newquay area atm. A bit overcrowded I guess but great beaches and let's face it nowhere is that far from anywhere else in Cornwall.

AnyFucker Mon 16-Mar-09 19:15:29

yes, mean, perfect description

Orm, I recommend Sennen Cove wholeheartedly. There is no better place.

Or if you don't want to go that far down, places like Bude are very good too. Widemouth Bay is fab for surfing and there are lots more in that area on the North coast.

ScorpiowithabigS Mon 16-Mar-09 19:19:34

If you want beaches - Sennen or Hayle, for sure. (i live in Very West Cornwall) Sennen has a surf school right on the beach.

ScorpiowithabigS Mon 16-Mar-09 19:20:19

Newquay is v loud at night in Summer - its well renowned around here for nightlife.

OrmIrian Mon 16-Mar-09 19:28:39

Sennen is lovely I know. We stayed near there a few years back but it was so crowded - and yes I know that is Cornwall all over in Aug. But maybe I'll have a look in that area.

Currently looking at Padstow area.

TweetleBeetle Mon 16-Mar-09 19:37:04

Seenen is gorgeous, I wouldn't touch Newquay with a bargepole - far too busy and full of teanagers for me!

Padstow also very nice - but again very busy. If you do go to Padstow and are camping, avoid Higher Harlyn Holiay Park - hell on earth!

AnyFucker Mon 16-Mar-09 20:01:53

orm, again Padstow area not really known for surfing beaches if that is primarily what you want

you could drive out though to surf. padstow is lovely, but again crowded

AnyFucker Mon 16-Mar-09 20:03:16

what about North Devon coast?

less crowded than Cornwall and Croyde Bay is heaven on earth !!

lovely chocolate box villages and fabulous beaches for surfing and chilling

OrmIrian Tue 17-Mar-09 11:02:49

Croyde! Croyde in August is the definition of crowded!! grin We don't live far from there and have been caught in the traffic one the way to a nice peaceful day on the beach hmm

I was thinking of Treyarnon Cove (i think). We stayed near there once. We don't mind having to drive a little. It's mainly for DH and DS#1 so if need be DH can take DS off for the afternoon and I can take the younger ones for a potter on another beach.

Docbunches Tue 17-Mar-09 11:40:05

We’ve been going to Cornwall for many years and always seem to go back to the area just north of Newquay ; Porth, Watergate Bay, Mawgan Porth. The beaches never feel too busy, even in August, because they are so huge when the tide’s out.

It’s close enough to visit Newquay Zoo and Aquarium, but far enough from any ‘teenage rowdiness’. I must admit to having a soft spot for Newquay (although I wouldn’t want to stay in the town itself) as I love the nostalgia of amusement arcades and tatty gift shops which reminds me of cheap seaside holidays as a child.

A couple of years ago we stayed here in Mawgan Porth which we all loved

And this year we are going to try this place in Porth (we are in self-catering)

We have also stayed at the Watergate Bay Hotel (expensive and not really worth it) and Sands Resort (loved it, but DCs too old now).

For a change last year we went to Bude and although we liked it, it felt a bit detached from the rest of Cornwall. It rained A LOT as well, so that put me off a bit. We stayed here

which was very close to Widemouth Bay but I personally felt was not as nice a beach as the beaches around Newquay. Just personal preference really.

Another really nice place we stayed a few years back was here, but a bit too far from the beach for my liking, although it's fairly close to Padstow.

I don’t know anything about the Lizard Peninsula or further down – we’ve always wanted to try Porthcurno, Sennen, St Ives, Hayle and so on, but never quite got that far yet!

OrmIrian Tue 17-Mar-09 11:58:45

Thanks docbunches. I like that area too. Not too far to get up to Tintagal and Port Isaac.

AnyFucker Tue 17-Mar-09 12:00:28

sennen it is then !

porthcurno is truly magical

st ives almost impossible to get to in the peak season, although it is lovely

when we went to croyde we didn't find it too crowded, but it was in July, 1st two wks of school hols so may make a difference (incidentally we had 2 whole weeks of heatwave and went to the beach every day at 9am already dressed in just bikinis, sarongs and flipflops)

Surfermum Tue 17-Mar-09 12:06:08

Kynance Cove in that area is gorgeous. And I love the Helford River, around Helford Village, St Anthony, that part. But I wouldn't go to Mullion personally, there are loads of much lovelier places in Cornwall.

Crantock, Polly Joke, Holywell and Perranporth are my favourite places for the summer. I love Polzeath in the winter. And I love Polperro anytime but it's no good for surfing.

pooka Tue 17-Mar-09 12:10:41

Treyarnon is beautiful. Close to Constantine, which has better surfing possibilities but both are still essentially body boarding places. But great to be near Booby's which is the BEST for rockpools.

Prob with Treyarnon and COnstantine is that they get very busy in the summer. Treyarnon more so than constantine maybe because the beach is smaller.

My personal preference would be Porthcothan. The next proper bay further down the coast from Treyarnon. Much bigger beach. less crowded.

OrmIrian Tue 17-Mar-09 12:13:29

Thanks pooka.

I guess it is body boarding really. DH always talks about getting a 'real' board and do proper surfing but I suspect it won't happen

Docbunches Tue 17-Mar-09 12:20:06

I'd forgotten about Perranporth. We went there in 1999 for the Eclipse and had lovely holiday; the beach is fab with a natural sea-water swimming pool IIRC.

Also St Agnes is lovely, but we've only ever been on day trips.

We're not really surfers either, we just enjoy messing about on body boards and I think you can do that just about anywhere along the North coast.

Good luck in choosing somewhere!

lubyloo44 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:36:44

Trying to pin down a holiday for myself and 3 children btw 9-14. Worlds worst procrastinator so dithering here.. Hoburne Devon Bay for Caravan holiday or Croyde Bay Resort which is much more expensive - or anything north wales as staying with family before hand. Has anybody been to either and if not, any recommendations, please!!.

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