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can anyone recommend a holiday cottage in northumberland (not baby friendly boltholes, i'm not that rich!)

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yousaidit Fri 06-Feb-09 21:24:04

looking for it to be coastal, pref somewhere quietish, needs to be baby and toddler friendly sio that either means stairgates etc provided highchair or on one level... i am tired of trawling all the holiday cottage sites!!!!!

Ponders Fri 06-Feb-09 21:25:31

When? How long for? How many people?

yousaidit Fri 06-Feb-09 21:30:46

oops, that would be helpful, wouldn't it? blush grin

me, dh, dd2yr and ds3m old

am trying to avoid having to take highchair safey gates etc coz we have 'normal' size car boot and we have the pram that we must take!!!

anytime in march or april, happy to avoid schol hols as i'm on mat leave.

Ponders Fri 06-Feb-09 22:05:44

I like this one in Bamburgh - only available Easter weeks in Mar/Apr, but you could go in May for less than that. It's a bit old-ladyish but nice for all that. Has cot & highchair but no stairgate.

There are a couple of ground floor ones in that area though, bear with me...

libertyprint Fri 06-Feb-09 22:12:47

Try these links:

http://www. =1&Reg=NORTHUMBRIA&PType=scsa&Caption=NORTHUMBRIA&Pid=82686

I'm not really up to speed on toddler friendliness but would recommend any of these.

Ponders Fri 06-Feb-09 22:12:59

single storey, cot & highchair provided, in Waren Mill nr Bamburgh

(I'm using tiny URLs because the C4U ones time out - the tiny ones might too though, I should give you the references!This one is 14676)

Ponders Fri 06-Feb-09 22:13:49

Bamburgh one is ref N442

yousaidit Fri 06-Feb-09 22:25:40

Ta! am going to have a nosey in more detail over weekend when i am not too pooped! smile

LaDiDaDi Sat 07-Feb-09 17:45:46

I linked to some at shilbottle farm on a different thread when whinegums was looking for somewhere over Easter, have a look and see how that seems.

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