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CENTER PARCS - Tesco vouchers in restaurants?

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mersmam Sat 17-Jan-09 14:16:56

Just wondering if anyone has actually got away with using Tesco vouchers in Bella Italia or Cafe Rouge at centerparcs? I've read on mumsnet before that it is possible to do this, but have just looked on the Tesco site and it says in small print at the bottom that vouchers CANNOT be used in c-parcs... I'm presuming that means I will not be able to use them (but hoping that someone might be able to tell me otherwise!!)

Holymoly321 Sat 17-Jan-09 15:17:46

hi there, I don't know for certain but I would be extremely surprised if CP restaurants took tesco vouchers as we were not able to use a Times discount voucher there when we went in November. They all seem to be seperately owned and wouldn't take any vouchers at all - all the better to fleece you!

pindywopwop Sat 17-Jan-09 15:19:08

We used Cafe Rouge voucher at Longleat CP no problem.

mersmam Sat 17-Jan-09 17:52:43

That's encouraging Pindywopwop!When was it that you used them?

rookiemater Mon 19-Jan-09 22:12:30

We used them in Whinfell, this was in 2008 so perhaps they have changed the rules since then.

jakesmum30 Fri 18-Dec-09 21:11:46

We went to Elveden in Sep 08 and used our Tesco vouchers to have a lovely lunch every day! We're going back in February 2010 and I've got the feeling they don't accept them anymore And I've been saving vouchers to use there...

PDR Sat 19-Dec-09 21:33:49

You used to be able to use them but they have stopped them as unfair competition for the other restaurants in the parc.

There was a transition period when you could use vouchers you already had but now they print it on the vouchers so you have no chance I'm afriad!

It used to be such a good deal though! angry

IlanaK Sat 19-Dec-09 21:35:15

They have definately stopped taking them. Sorry!

valeria2my Mon 04-Nov-13 04:29:25

My family has gone out so many times by buying vouchers for restaurants on the Internet.
You guys must try it

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