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Any recommendations for summer holiday accommodation in the SW?

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dinny Fri 24-Oct-08 19:26:01

can't decide where to go, feel like a bit of a change

artichokes Fri 24-Oct-08 19:27:42

What kind of accomodation do you want? Self-catering? A cottage? Apartment? Hotel? Camping? B&B?

How many people and what sort of budget?

And what kind of area? Beach? Rural? Town? Moor?

dinny Fri 24-Oct-08 19:33:46

self-catering - or family friendly hotel poss

5 people (2 adults and 3 kids)

beach area


PrettyCandles Fri 24-Oct-08 19:39:07

Sands Resort near Newquay was very nice. Staff were very helpful - except in the dining area, where they were numpties, but that may have changed by now. Food was OK, and well-timed for the DCs. Smaller 'suites'/family rooms might be a little tight for a family of 5, but larger suites would be fine. Lovely playground.

Loads of lovely beaches within a short drive, and one within an OK walk (but it's all uphill on the way back!). Apparently a good surfing area. Eden Project, Napa Valley, Newquay Aquarium, all great outings.

Bedruthan Steps is not far away from SR, owned by the same people, and apparently an upmarket version of it.

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