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Center Parcs - anyone any advice

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joorla Sun 12-Oct-08 19:48:04

I'm looking to book a weekend at the Sherwood Center Parcs for the beg of Feb.

It looks fab, my dd is 2yo and they seem to have loads of activities listed - are these all included in the cost?

I dont's know whether to go for the comfort or the comfort plus accommodation, has anyone been before that could recommend which one is best, (I know the comfort plus is a higher grade but I'm on a budget and would rather just opt for the comfort grade but if there's a huge difference in the standards then I'd rather go for the comfort plus!)

many thanks

Furball Sun 12-Oct-08 20:10:28

the only difference is AFAIK is a dishwasher in the comfort plus.

Only activity included is the pool, Which will be enough for your 2 YO along with forest walks and the playgrounds.

If you look on the mumsnet discount page (title for it at the very top) I think there is a discount code. If not do a web search and get one.

sarahsmummy Sun 12-Oct-08 20:13:23

I haven't been to Sherwood Forest but have been to Longleat a couple of times. Not much difference in Comfort and Comfort Plus, although do check the prices as last time we went the CPlus was actually cheaper! Beware of the brochure prices, these are very much a 'prices from' and in my experience, the actual price can be much, much more than this.
Generally speaking the only activity included is the swimming pool, slides etc which is good but if you're looking to do other things then costs soon mount up.

Don't get me wrong, in many ways Center Parcs is a great place for a family holiday but it is quite pricey when you add everything up so do bear this in mind before you book.

MegBusset Sun 12-Oct-08 20:15:42

I haven;t been before but have booked a break at Elveden in Feb, I started a similar thread and decided to go for the Comfort grade because everyone said it was fine.

Will dig out my thread, hang on...

MegBusset Sun 12-Oct-08 20:16:24

My thread here.

I used the SAVE code and got 30% off, bargain!

joorla Sun 12-Oct-08 20:26:32

that's great, I've just used that code and saved £67 on a 4 night break. I've just booked to go the beg of Feb - as my dd is only 2 she should be happy with the pool and the play areas - hopefully!!

fifitot Mon 13-Oct-08 20:16:44

I've just booked for Whinfell. Got a woodland lodge whatever that is! Anyone been?

Couple of questions if anyone can answer.....

How much is bike hire apx?

Is it worth getting out for a day or 2 - I might go stir crazy in what essentially is a posh butlins!

joorla Mon 13-Oct-08 20:54:43

yes - anyone know the price for bike hire?

shellyj37 Tue 14-Oct-08 16:08:49

The price for bike hire is
£22 for adult bike for weekend or midweek, thats for all your stay, £12 for a childs bike and £37 for an adult bike and a trailer.
Hope this helps!

childrenofthecornsilk Tue 14-Oct-08 16:10:04

I tried to use a code yesterday and it wouldn't work for me.

fifitot Tue 14-Oct-08 16:51:13

Gosh - that soon adds up doesn't it!

childrenofthecornsilk - did you go on the offers part of their website and use the save code?

childrenofthecornsilk Tue 14-Oct-08 17:21:48

yes it wouldn't work for the dates I tried.

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