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Toddler friendly accomodation in Nottingham

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tab07 Sun 05-Oct-08 19:31:12

Can anyone recommend a nice hotel or cottage or b&b that is also nice for toddlers, near Nottingham for next weekend. Tried Centerparcs but too pricey.

avenanap Sun 05-Oct-08 19:32:28

Whereabouts do you mean? In Nottingham itself or outside like Derby? Nottingham is a big place.

lljkk Sun 05-Oct-08 19:33:22

We stayed here last year, including a 3yo and 2 other dc under 10. Bit posh, mind.

tab07 Sun 05-Oct-08 19:36:55

Not sure really - only been to nottingham once, stayed at Loughborough and spent the whole weekend driving into nottingham. DH has to attend a tae kwon do thing in city centre at 9 on Sunday morning, so probably not more than 45 min drive, and we live in Essex. Any ideas gratefully received!!!

tab07 Sun 05-Oct-08 19:37:43

Looks nice lljkk. Will investigate.

avenanap Sun 05-Oct-08 19:41:50

I live in Derby which is 20 mins away in a car.

The travel lodge's are good and not too expensive. They are all over the place so there should be one a little closer to where you need to be.

lljkk Sun 05-Oct-08 19:45:56

Lots of B+Bs in Loughborough that would be okay, too. However, Avoid the Great Central Hotel, anything on Nottingham Rd., and the one on Meadow Lane. Rest are ok, especially on Leicester Rd (A-something), and the Forest Rise (anything University side of Lboro should be quite decent).

PortAndLemon Sun 05-Oct-08 19:59:46

We have stayed in the Hilton several times when DS was a toddler. It's not a specialist child friendly place but it was fine, had highchairs etc., and is a short walk from the city centre.

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