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tammybear Tue 23-Sep-08 22:14:52

Wasn't sure whether to put this under Days Out or not, but it's here anyway lol.

Basically at the weekend, we are passing Stonehenge on our way for a weekend away. I haven't been here since I was little, so wanted to have a stop there on our journey. Really excited about it. However, I read that there are prices to pay on the website. Does anyone know what these prices actually entail? Is it just so you can get closer to it and walk around outside the fence by it? I know you can't actually go in the circle unless you are party of the special groups that do that at the crack of dawn, but was just wondering if anyone knew if it was worth to look at it from a far, or to pay up and get closer?


MrVibrating Wed 24-Sep-08 02:40:59

Have a look at this picture on Google Maps. If you pay the money, you go through a tunnel from the car park to the path which as you can see goes fairly close to the Sarsens. If you don't, you can only peer through the chain link fence next to the road.

ninedragons Wed 24-Sep-08 04:47:29

Pay and get up closer. It's one of those things that is much more impressive up close.

Am going to send you a CAT message in a second if DD doesn't wake up.

tammybear Wed 24-Sep-08 09:42:08

Oh great. I wasn't too sure what I would be paying for exactly but will make the most of it when we're there.

tammybear Wed 24-Sep-08 09:42:33

Oh and thank you for your responses. How rude of me! Lol.

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