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10th wedding anniversary

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georgeclooneyfan Mon 22-Sep-08 09:56:47

My DH and I are looking to go away for two nights (without kids) some time in October we live in the North of Scotland and are looking for somewhere to go. A nice 4/5 star hotel with spa possibly etc. Any ideas would be very grateful.Thinking Sheraton in Edinburgh or Scotsman quite pricey though, andy been? Thanks in advance.

LadySweet Mon 22-Sep-08 14:47:32

Scotsman is arguably a nicer hotel, however One Spa at The Sheraton is absolutely fantastic and imho much nicer than The Cowshed at the Scotsman. One Spa has a rooftop pool/jacuzzi - it's awesome

Hope you have a lovely time in Edinburgh, it's a fantastic City.

georgeclooneyfan Mon 22-Sep-08 17:17:50

Thanks for the recommendations LadySweet. The rooftop pool sounds great, will be good to get away!

LadySweet Mon 22-Sep-08 18:24:35

Yeah indeed, even if the weather isn't that great the rooftop pool is lovely; was raining the last time I was there but the pool is so warm the rain made no difference

mumma2cjh Mon 22-Sep-08 20:32:06

Stayed at the Scotsman for my 3rd wedd Anniversay, it was a February, snowed and it was totally the time it was molton brown toilettries, lovely Duchy of Cornwall biscuits and a selection of Twinnings teas and coffees in the rooms and at night time we came back to the room to find a quaint box of Edinburgh Rock on the pillow. There was also a serving hatch to the room, so we werent disturbed when we ordered room service.

The bar area is really great, with a lovely atmosphere and we sat most nights with a bottle of bubbly....oh Im sooooooooo jealous!

Just another couple of things, we dined at The Witchery.....which was extremely disappointing and very over -rated in my opinion and also at The Brittaina Spice at Leith - which again was terrible!!!!

georgeclooneyfan Mon 22-Sep-08 21:17:57

Thanks to all of you for your ideas and recommendations. We were thinking of the Witchery actually for food and have read some reviews saying it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not sure where to go then to eat really, someone mentioned Tom's Kitchin at Leith had a look at the menu a bit pricey as well and probably wasted on myself as I don't eat lamb, seafood etc etc. I will keep loooking anyway for food ideas, torn between booking The Scotsman or The Sheraton. Was that a suite you stayed in mumma2cjh, I read some reviews that the rooms at the Scotsman are really hot did you find that it was hard to sleep? I have also been looking at the Tigerlily Hotel not sure if anyone has been?Thanks again

LadySweet Tue 23-Sep-08 09:42:08

The Kitchin is pricey but the food is really fantastic, great wine list as you would expect and fab service - would definately recommend it. Your other local Michelin Star restaurant is Martin Wishart, same sort of prices as The Kitchin, great food too - they have a Tasting Menu which is about £60.00 iirc where basically you can try lots of smaller versions of what is on the menu for that evening. If you like seafood you can't really do much better than Fishers - there are 2 - the original Fishers on the Shore and the newer Fishers in the City - both excellent. These restaurants (apart form Fishers in the City) are all in the Shore, Leith.

Up town Dusit is fab if you like Thai food, or if you want Scotish contemporary Stac Polly used to be very good but havent eaten in there for a while. Witchery food is disappointing but for location/atmoshphere its fabulous - good wine list though Atrium restaurant is excellent and you can pop upstairs to Blue Bar for a fab cocktail beforehand ;) Think most of these restaurants will have websites if you google them, will give you an idea about menus etc

LadySweet Tue 23-Sep-08 09:43:40

Ahh just noticed you dont eat seafood, ignore the Fishers recommendations then grin

liath Tue 23-Sep-08 12:52:07

One Spa is amazing.

Martin Wisharts is fantastic but ££££!. Ditto number 1 at the Balmoral. The restaurant at Harvey Nicks is nice and also Centro Tre, Valvona & Crolla, Oloroso (a bit wanky but nice food). Have had very disappointing meals at the Tower and Rhubarb but others rave about them.

Had you thought about Gleneagles? The Andrew Fairlie restaurant is the best I've eaten at TBH. Nice spa too.

DH & I just had our 10th wedding anniversary at Seaham Hall if you fancy venturing as far south as Sunderland.

mumma2cjh Tue 23-Sep-08 18:20:33

nope we didnt have a suite but the room was quite well spaced out and I dont remember it being hot? was a great location.

Another comment on the Witchery...I really didnt like it at all!!! The tables were very, very close together, very dark and intimate but as the tables were that close I could hear 2 tables either sides conversation!!! Food was very disappointing - I will never forget - I remember I had Leek and Goat's Cheese tarlet to start and I couldnt cut it - it was rock solid, I left it and the maitre de came over and made a huge, huge fuss about it and wanted to know why I didnt like it in full detail so he could feedback to the chef...ok great he was concerned but like I said the tables were very close and everyone was looking and listening!!!! Very OTT

Ditto the wine list...the wine waiter was fasincating and the list extensive ie. A huge book with umpteen pages....we enjoyed the wine far more than the meal.

Anyway enough slating - it may have changed!!!!

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