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Anyone else been/going to centreparcs/whinfell forest for bonfire week?

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shellyj37 Mon 15-Sep-08 20:42:15

Hiya, I am going to whinfell forest/centreparcs on 3rd november for bonfire week with my 3 children. I was just wondering if the activities are just the same for that week apart from bonfire night? I havent received any info as yet but I have been booking a few activities online over the last couple of weeks and have left bonfire night free. It is our first time going to centreparcs and i havent got a clue what to expect. Has anyone else stayed in a two storey,two bedroom executive villa? I could probably ask a thousand questions lol, I am just getting a bit nervous as i havent took the children on hol on my own before, it will be an experience for all of us, that`s for sure!! Any info would be gratefully received.
Many Thanku`s.

Habbibu Tue 16-Sep-08 14:50:35

Can't help, I'm afraid, but bumping for you.

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