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Anyone in Blackpool?

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BexieID Mon 15-Sep-08 13:46:58

Going in 2 weeks and would love someone to send me a map. I'll pay for it. Can anyone help?

twinsetandpearls Mon 15-Sep-08 13:47:57

I used to live there but don;t have a map. Not sure you really need one to be honest.

BexieID Mon 15-Sep-08 14:24:43

What I want to do is mark on it where all the supermarkets are and everything I want to goto is, lol. Sad muppet I am. May have to print it out in parts to create one big map, lol.

twinsetandpearls Mon 15-Sep-08 14:52:33

Actually I love a map when I go away!

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