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Park Resorts - need help with finding a holiday for 2009 please :)

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lynniep Fri 05-Sep-08 15:56:37

Basically, like most people we're pretty skint now but I want to book us a holiday for next year to give us something to look forward to!

Tesco are now doing the clubcard deals for Park Resorts, which is great! We did Haven Wild Duck last year which was nice enough (and totally paid for by clubcard points), although a little chilly - Im not sure we'll be doing it in March again! I would go back there, but it would be nice to try someplace different.

What we're looking for is somewhere for me, DH and DS (who will be 2 in March - we'd like to book somewhere for early July i.e. before Summer hols start).

Not particularly interested in nightlife, just want somewhere pretty, with stuff for younger energetic toddlers - nice play areas, kids club, obviously pool, and possibly near other places we can go for day trips. like farms, railways etc. DS is a terrible traveller, so no more than a few hours from home (Cambridgeshire - so I'm thinking Norfolk, Sussex, Kent - not north of us though - more likely to be a teensy bit hotter then) Somewhere that does bike hire would be good too although not essential.

There are quite a few parks in the running, so what I'm really asking for is help in narrowing it down - are there any you dont recommend for young toddlers, or any that are fantastic?

Any help would be brilliant - ta in advance

mummydoc Fri 05-Sep-08 16:19:05

my darlin gpatents are at a park resort now with my 2 dc , it is is devon, they had a gold mobile home for this week and it cost £300, i went fro one night it was alovely caravan very roomy, beautiful done out etc, the park was lovely , indoo/outdoor pool, great adventure playground etc, the main clubhouse was rather reminisent of a working mans club circa 1980 but they ran non stop activities which both girls have loved ( can tell by very excited phone calls home) i am a bit snobby about holidays but can really see the appeal - if kids entertained and happy i am happy, the cafe apparently served very nice food ( my dad is a chef so he is pretty disfficult to impress) and my dd1 won the karaoke comp last night !!!! what more can i say, i would never have considered this type of holiday before but am now considering next year.

mummydoc Fri 05-Sep-08 16:19:39

awful typing should say my darling parents..

lynniep Fri 05-Sep-08 17:23:08

thanks md.
I (and DH) was pretty snobby about holiday parks before having DS too -but quickly realised once he was toddling that there was NO WAY we'd get him on a plane (he cant sit still for more than 10 minutes) and EVERYTHING revolves around entertaining him wink

We looked at holiday cottages near playbarns and ones with pools etc, but we just can't afford it. We did Haven as it was free (As I said clubcard deals) and were actually pleasantly surprised - its not like I remember scummy caravan parks from when I was little at all!

I was thinking of having a short break at Centreparcs, but would have to be very off season and would cost us the full amount (well minus online discounts) and I'd rather make use of the deals.

We can't really travel to Devon though, would have to be nearer home than that

wibblyswobbly Sat 06-Sep-08 20:10:38

Hiya, we went to West Bay Park campsite which is in Dorset, its small but very clean has swimming pool, clubhouse the usual. Is right on the harbor where you can wander round, get boat trips etc. The caravans are good & clean and the staff were extremally helpful. My kids loved it. Personally i prefer Haven [but the old British holiday sites] but I would say that Park are coming in a close second. Pontins and Butlins are a no go to me. In the area you have Monkey world, Bovington tank centre, the biggest donkey sanctuary ever and plenty more day trips should you wish. Hope this helps.

shelleylou Sat 06-Sep-08 20:29:42

How about california cliffs, near great yarmouth? The park has the usual entertainment, indoor and outdoor pools. Lovely surrounding area for a walk.
Theres loads to sdo near there. sea life centre, caistor castle and car museum, Joyland whixch is aimeds at young chilsdren. My ds was 21 months when we went ansd he could go on any risde there as long as i went on with him. The Jungle whixch is soft play bistro, bar and arcade machines. Pettits Animal asdventure (not sure what thats like as buses there are very limited so didnt want to miss only bus xxcoming back)

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