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family room for 5 next w/end in London needed?

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triplets Sun 31-Aug-08 12:07:30

Struggling to find affordable room, going to visit my brother in St Thomas`s, can`t afford 2 rooms, thanks

SueW Sun 31-Aug-08 12:10:50

Someone mentioned a new youth hostel on Oxford St iirc a while ago

Grav1 Sun 31-Aug-08 13:10:42

How are you travelling and how old are the children?

ChippyMinton Sun 31-Aug-08 13:24:31

Agree YHA. Next sat there are family rooms at earls court or thameside for around £100 B&B. Do you need to stay in central london or could you travel in, which might be cheaper? Or squeeze everyone into a travelodge room (depending on the age of your DC)

Fennel Sun 31-Aug-08 18:30:40

We just stayed in 2 yha rooms for 6 in London, they were good with children. The one near Oxford St (Central) was about £108 a night. I think you can find hotels for that sort of price but most of the cheap hotels are for 4 not 5 we found.

we stayed at yha Thameside too, which was cheaper about £77 for a 6 person room and good breakfast, but much more of a trek into central London -it's at Rotherhilde, not near the city centre.

triplets Sun 31-Aug-08 22:12:30

We are going on the train, need to be central to be able to pop in and out of the hospital to see my brother so was really hoping to find something near Waterloo station, the Eye, etc. Kids are 10, triplets!

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