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Places to visit near Newcastle/Alnwick with ages 3 and 1

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muddleduck Thu 28-Aug-08 08:53:39

We're off on holiday on Saturday and are staying near Alnwick. We've been before so I know a bit about things to do but am wondering if there is anything else that would be good for the boys (3 & 1).

I'm particularly hoping for "rainy day" suggestions as at the moment my plan is to spend as much time as possible at the beach!

Also is the anywhere good to take them swimming? ds1 starts swimming lessons when we get back so that would be helpful.



RipMacWinkle Thu 28-Aug-08 21:53:46

Hi there

We went there for our hols back in June. Didn't get great weather but had a brilliant time.

Best place we took our DS to (aged 20m at the time) was Whitehouse farm centre in Morpeth. We spent a full day there - the weather wasn't brilliant but there are mixture of things to see outside and inside. They have a wee play park, tractors to play on, go karts (for all ages wink, bouncy castles, trampolines , lots of animals etc. It was really fab and very reasonable too. Plus they have a barn where you can buy food in and a picnic barn if you take your own. I thought that was a really good idea so that you can shelter if the weather isn't so great.

Hope you have a lovely holiday.

VickyPea Thu 28-Aug-08 22:08:38

Hi Muddleduck, I was going to suggest Whitehouse Farm too, like RMW says, there's plenty to do, we've been there three times now. Hope you get some decent weather smile

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