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suggestions please for forest type holiday with 10 yr old triplets!

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triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 00:08:11

Just trying to give myself something to look forward to. My Dh has cancer so we have not been able to go away since a short break in April. His first lot of chemo finishes at the end of Sept so I am hoping we can squeeze a short break in before he goes for his second op. Would have to stay in UK, we live in Kent, so no further than about a 5 hour drive. He likes to fish, all kids love nature, woods, animals, and I would love a hot tub and a sauna, what a mix! A forest lodge or something similar, a sauna at least would be my treat, any ideas please? Not Center Parcs!

Califrau Wed 27-Aug-08 00:12:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 00:27:48

Hi Califrau,
Long time since we chatted! No, we never found anything last time, and its been so difficult to try and find a "good" time to get away, between hospital appts. Just to think this time last year we were in your wonderful country, we had such a fab time, touring for 4 weeks, what I woudn`t give to be there now!

SaintGeorge Wed 27-Aug-08 00:28:44

Sorry to hear about your dh.

Feed me some more info and I shall go googling for you.



triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 00:37:40

Thanks SG,
Dates are tricky, but his last chemo should be the 28th Sept, so I am hoping we may be able to get away somewhere before he then goes up to London for liver surgery in Oct, so cannot give an exact date. Just would love nothing brash, country air, maybe an indoor pool, or games room, a lake for fishing, we could poss take bikes, but I would for myself like abit of luxury, somwhere nicely done, I would love our own sauna, that is such a treat to me. Don`t want club houses, etc! Budget? We are pretty broke atm, as DH has lost alot of work, but I guess around a £100 a night max. Thank you.

SaintGeorge Wed 27-Aug-08 00:40:08

Does it have to be a lodge type, ie private and self catering, or will a hotel suffice if it fits other criteria?

mrsruffallo Wed 27-Aug-08 00:42:01

Have you tried this website? I have heard fab things

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 00:49:51

Would feel happier in our own place, need room with these three, have actually got the forestlodgee brochure, but they are heavily booked and nearest would be Yorkshire if its the same company. I must go to bed, thanks girls for looking xx

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 00:51:44

Just clicked on your link, yes it is the same, Keldy is the nearest which is about 6/7 hours away, but that is exactly the sort of thing we would love, with a sauna! Night night

SaintGeorge Wed 27-Aug-08 01:01:30

Holiday cottage?

Cottage with sauna, Melton Mowbray.

Log cabin, private fishing lake, sauna, good local stuff.

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 10:33:14

Thank you , the log cabins look perfect, something like that is perfect, have e-mailed them to ask for late offers as we would have to go last minute. Thanks!

giddly Wed 27-Aug-08 10:42:12

Haven't used them myself but have been told hoseasons can be quite good for lodge type holidays. They may be a bit too large and commercial for your taste but have indoor swimming pools etc on site which may or may not be of interest. They have sites near us in the new forest and hampshire which may be good in terms of travel and your interests etc. - lots of fishing [yawn!].

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 14:12:06

Have looked at Hoseseasons and they are not bad but I ould like something abit quieter, fishing makes me yawn too, but its very therapeutic for poor DH at the moment. Thanks though.

Lazycow Wed 27-Aug-08 14:18:54

New forest - place called Sandy Balls (yes I know !!)

I think the nicest lodges have jacuzzis.

We spent a week at in a cabin here - Was very nice - peaceful.

Lilymaid Wed 27-Aug-08 14:19:27

Not in a forest, but has animals, sauna, trout fishing, hot tub, swimming pool and is nearer: Gladwins Farm

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 14:26:26

Hi both of you and thanks for the suggestions, have been to New Forest in the past with our sn who died so would rather go for new area. Gladwins farm looked lovely but it fully booked thru to Nov for the unit iwth the hot tub but its also out of my price range, its approx £800 for a midweek break!

Lazycow Wed 27-Aug-08 14:37:32

Ah triplets I can see why you would want to avoid the New Forest

How about the Forest of Dean? Is that too far?

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 14:59:46

Now believe it or not that was where we took our trio for their very first holiday, we had friends who had a fab house overlooking the Wye, they toddled round the forest and sat on all the sculptures! My heart is set on a forest type lodge, with a sauna /hot tub, but pref sauna! I am being fussy! Its just that its been such a horrible stressful year, I just need to escape, let the kids run, build camps etc, and abit of fishing!

Lazycow Wed 27-Aug-08 15:19:05

Norfolk maybe? Not sure about the sauna in the cabins though

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 19:43:48

Thank you Lazycow(sure you are not!) there is no hot tub or sauna but will keep them in mind as they fit the bill otherwise and are very cheap and Norfolk would be good.

SaintGeorge Wed 27-Aug-08 19:52:21


And again

I know we have sort of lost the forest bit but that 2nd one has Jacuzzi/Hot tub, Sauna, Indoor Pool, Boat available for guest use, Pool/Snooker table, Table tennis, Games room, Balcony/Terrace, Private fishing lake/river .....

Hmm, starting to like the sound of it myself actually grin

triplets Wed 27-Aug-08 20:09:41

Thank you, they do seem good esp like the penthouse. My BIG problem is because of hospital I just can`t book until the last minute, I know the last chemo should be the 25th Sept. Would have been nice actually to have done something that week as on the 23rd Sept we have been married for 30 years!!! 30 years I hear you all say, with 10 yr old triplets? Yep!

triplets Fri 29-Aug-08 21:15:28

Still looking, DH now got a hospital appt on the 2nd Oct!

annaje Sat 30-Aug-08 09:03:57


Sorry to hear about DH. We have just come back from a week in the New Forest and had the best time. We stayed at Shorefields Country Park which was 5 mins from Lymington. They have luxury caravans and woodland lodges on site - plus the site is great with 2 swimming pools, football, tennis courts etc - plenty to do on site and the New Forest is breaktaking. We are also in Kent and it took us 2 1/2 hours to get home yesterday.

There is also a spa if you get the time

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