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Newcastle for the weekend sans enfants - any recommendations?

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MadreInglese Tue 26-Aug-08 13:20:38

DP & I are going away with some friends this weekend, we are staying on the Quayside in Newcastle and would appreciate any recommendations for restaurants or bars (and any tips on where to avoid!)

Also, is the Baltic worth a visit? Have heard mixed opinions.


zeebee Tue 26-Aug-08 15:19:59

Just managed to delete long reply - so shortened version here!

If staying on quayside you won't have to venture far.

Restaurants - McCoys Brasserie (Mosley or Collingwood St) v new, v rated chefs, used to have renowned restaurant on top of Baltic. Cafe 21 on quayside - can't go wrong, v consistent good food, michelin starred chef for prev restaurant. Secco on Pilgrim St, personal fave, great quality local food, italian twist, run by a family. Also has a bar downstairs (place for mojitos) or is Popolo bar next door for cocktails and buzz.

Vujon on Queen St for curry. Jesmond Dene House, slightly out of town, set up by Terry Laybourne of Cafe 21 fame. Also does good afternoon tea and Sunday lunch, could combine with stroll in Dene if weather good.

Malmaison bar has good view though pricey.

Not been in Baltic for long time but is free and doesn't take long so worth a stroll across Millennium Bridge.

Enjoy and let us know where you went!

MadreInglese Tue 26-Aug-08 17:11:00

That all sounds fab, thanks zeebee (we are staying at malmaison so will most probably end up in the bar there at some point!)

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