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Where to stay in EDINBURGH with 2yo over the weekend?

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MiaMamma Mon 25-Aug-08 11:35:54

We're planning to stay in Edinburgh for the weekend in September and just looking for the place to stay, it's just me, DH and DD who's 2.
Does anybody know any child-friendly hotel or b&b or self-catering apartment there to suggest?

Flier Mon 25-Aug-08 11:37:42

not child friendly particularly, but we stayed in the travel lodge (or was it the inn) thats just off the Royal mile - was ideal location-wise, but pretty basic.

MumOfTwoGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 22:05:11

We stayed in Edinburgh for 3 nights in May in a self-catering apartment which we booked through the "Edlets" website - you type in your requirements (dates, number of bedrooms etc) and the owners of the apartments e-mail you if they have availability - it seemed a very efficient service (we had the advantage of knowing Edinburgh very well having been to uni there, but I think you can specify a central location in your search).

scottishmummy Mon 25-Aug-08 22:09:21

i recommend knghts residence clean,provided travel cot FOC, free milk cereal etc on arrival.really good

MiaMamma Tue 26-Aug-08 18:26:58

Thank you very much ladies! I love the knights one so far the most...

AliAliB Mon 04-Jan-16 17:32:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Sunbeam18 Mon 04-Jan-16 21:25:46

Not sure about accommodation but feel free to message me if you are looking for info on places to eat, kid-friendly stuff to do, parks, soft plays, etc. I'm in Edinburgh and have a 2-year-old boy so know it all!

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