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Do Haven ever upgrade on arrival and if so how do we try to get one?

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Notalone Mon 25-Aug-08 00:24:18

We are going to Primrose Valley on Saturday and have booked a Superior Plus caravan. However I have heard occasionally Haven upgrade people on arrival to one level above the one booked

Has this ever happenned to you and if it did what can I do to get one too? I would love a lovely warm swanky double glazed one as this is probably going to be our last holiday in 3 years (long story!) and we would love it if the accommodation was spot on.

Also does anyone know what we can expect with a superior Plus? Roughly how old will it be and will it be in a clean condition?


misi Mon 25-Aug-08 15:29:41

my jammy beggar of a sister is good at this, she went to haven in cornwall a couple of years ago and got an upgrade to their top of the range caravan on arrival. she had 5 4 kids and a partner in tow at the time. she now gets an upgrade most haven places she goes to. not much idea how she got the original one, I think it might have been that the caravan allocated was at the back end of the camp and with 5 sorry 4 kids all under 8 at the time would have been a bit much coming back and forth to the clubhouse, a possibility but not entirely sure as she is great for getting refunds, upgrades and complimentary things anywhere she goes!

Notalone Mon 25-Aug-08 16:00:28

Sounds like I need to learn a trick or two off your sister Misi! Do you know if she asks or just hints at it? Does being as nice as possible help? Also does the time you arrive make a difference as I know the higher level caravans check in earlier - if we arrived say at 2pm would they take pity do you think and give us the keys to one of the better ones or would they just tell us to come back later hmm

misi Mon 25-Aug-08 18:43:12

I'll ask her later when she gets home smile

misi Wed 27-Aug-08 18:12:39

the first time she made a fuss cos of the position of the caravan, not being suitable for 4 young kids etc. she now uses a mixture of not being happy with something or being ever so nice and pathetic looking (with 5 kids and BIL in tow, this comes easy to her to look ragged and pathetic!!) (its what she says, not me!)

DontNeedAnything Wed 27-Aug-08 18:15:10

We had an upgrade first time we went. We did nothing. Didn't realise we had been upgraded until we got to van and found the superior features matched the gold quality.

It was very low season though. I guess we were just lucky. I would be surprised if you get an upgrade peak season, although I guess it is just outside peak season...

DontNeedAnything Wed 27-Aug-08 18:29:06

Actually our strategy to get better accomodation is thus.

Book the one that you have to pay for linen with..except don't pay for the linen (used to be Bronze). Linen usually costs about £30-40 IIRC. It is usually about £120+ cheaper to stay in bronze for a week cp than the silver.

Then wait. And wait and wait. If the park is not busy they will then send you a letter about 2-3weeks before holiday date offering you Silver for approx £40 more or Gold for approx £60 more. Ring up take the upgrade pay the money.

So for the £40 that you would have originally paid for the linen you now have a silver caravan with linen included. For an extra £20 you get gold.

If they don't send you a letter you just ring up and order the linen pack for the £40.

OK so it is not a free upgrade as such, but it is a way to get a silver caravan + linen for the same price as bronze + just have to bide your time and be prepared to take the bronze if they do happen to be fully booked. You are more likely to get this offer outside peak season.

Notalone Wed 27-Aug-08 18:38:36

Lol Misi - ragged and pathetic? I can do that!!!

Don'tneedanything. Thanks for the info. Sadly I have already booked a superior plus and got my upgrade letter last week. I will definitely remember this for the future though! Where was your automatic upgrade? (we are going to Primrose Valley)

DontNeedAnything Wed 27-Aug-08 18:40:39

My automatic upgrade was Caister.

If you have had a letter offering an upgrade it means they are not fully booked so you have a chance of an upgrade.

I woudl suggest that you arrive early if you wnat to beg for an upgrade before someone else beats you too it.

Notalone Wed 27-Aug-08 19:08:20

Thats what I thought. Should I be a bit cheeky and ask or just smile sweetly and hope they will like me enough?

DontNeedAnything Wed 27-Aug-08 19:23:02


My keys were already inteh Gold I did absolutely nothing. Keys are normally allocated before arrival so I guess you have nothing to loose by asking. They may just ask you to pay, whcih you could say thanks but no tanks and stick with the one you have booked.

I idn't go to Haven this year and I know they changed teh names of their vans. If the Superior plus is ranked 2 - you should be comfortable enough it is when you start going for Bronze (rank 3) that the caravans get a bit older and tattier around the edges.

Irrespective of the grade they should be cleaned to your satisfation and if they are not report it ASAP and they will send the cleaners back.

Notalone Wed 27-Aug-08 20:10:22

Think I wil just wait and see. Will be really embarrasing to be turned down. I reckon Superior Plus will (hopefully) be fine. I just have very fond memories of the bargain private caravan we hired in Tenby last year that was brand spanking new and gorgeous!

Wish me luck!

DontNeedAnything Wed 27-Aug-08 21:29:24

It will be fine. If it is the old silver it should only be a couple of years just won't have teh central heating, double glazing and fitted kitchen you get in gold.

IME Silver is a high standard. Gold is luxuary as far as hte extra's are concerned but isn't necessarily in any better condition.

Notalone Thu 28-Aug-08 19:35:12

Thanks Don'tneedanything. I must have this on the brain now because I dreamt last night that we were allocated a caravan in the sea that came with a free spaniel dog hmm

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