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Really dull Roads question. Anyone know best route from North West to Norfolk?

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Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 22:37:32

I'm not asking, not remotely interested really. But we're going on Saturday and partner is discussing routes <yawn>


olympicsnotfederer Wed 20-Aug-08 22:41:02

let me warn you (sorry, can't be arsed to look up the route) BUT it is a hell of a journey

whatever it looks like on the map, add about another 3 hours

the motorway runs out and then the A road takes you through every piddling town (and no by-passes)

I don't envy you that one, but it is lovely when you get there

SqueakyPop Wed 20-Aug-08 22:42:20

I would suspect something involving the M62

Mammaismia Wed 20-Aug-08 22:43:16

we went from Rossendale to Norfolk broads took over 5 hours !

Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 22:44:09

Oh God! We suspected it'll be horrible but that sounds even worse. And it's really quite near, as teh crow flies... Eldest keeps asking how long it's going to be (hates car journeys)

I think the M62 can be avoided tbh.

ChasingSquirrels Wed 20-Aug-08 22:45:11

it is ALOT better than it used to be (in 1990 when I went from nr Crewe to uni in Norwich and it took all day).
either down M6 to Stoke, cross country (A50 I think) to M1, down M1 to A14,
or down M6 to A14
then trek along A14 till A11 splits off and trog up A11.
All except a v small bit of the A11 (Mildnehall to thetford) is dual now.
Probably 5 hours depending on specifics of start and finish points.

SqueakyPop Wed 20-Aug-08 22:46:11

You haven't said where to where, but arbitrarily saying Preston to Norwich, you would take the length of the M6 and than continue on the A14. It would take 4h40

Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 22:48:52

Opps, sorry. Am in Manchester, nearest big town is Cromer. 5 hours is what I've been telling kids so far.

WendyWeber Wed 20-Aug-08 22:49:16

Oh we did this a couple of years ago, Tink.

IIRC we went via Bradford & Rutland water - I think there were a couple of other stages but those are what stick in my mind. It was a good journey & surprisingly quick, about 4 hours on a Saturday.

Mammaismia Wed 20-Aug-08 22:49:54

would say that right Tinker , was for us smile

olympicsnotfederer Wed 20-Aug-08 22:50:03

more like 7-8 hrs with couple of brief stops

SqueakyPop Wed 20-Aug-08 22:50:46

Manchester - Cromer is 4h26m

Head by motorway towards Doncaster, and then southwest to Cromer

ProfYaffle Wed 20-Aug-08 22:51:54

We regularly travel between Warrington and Diss. M6, M6 toll, A14. Quickest journey 3.5hrs, longest 5hrs.

jojosmaman Wed 20-Aug-08 22:52:21

I have done this journey too, south manchester to Norfolk a couple of years ago but I couldnt tell you how I got there as I just stuck the sat nav on except I remember it took us a bit up then right before we went down and also that it took ages (about 4-5hrs I think). But I was just with my best friend from uni so we had a fun road trip, very memorable!

ChasingSquirrels Wed 20-Aug-08 22:52:31

hum, cromer - probably not M6/M1 to A14 then, go accross country, skirt kings lynn etc. 5 hrs about right

Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 22:52:48

7 to 8 shock

So many options being offered here

ChasingSquirrels Wed 20-Aug-08 22:54:04

could easily be 7-8, 5 on a good run though.
google maps

WendyWeber Wed 20-Aug-08 22:54:05

(We avoided motorways altogether btw)

ProfYaffle Wed 20-Aug-08 22:54:31

Just seen you're going to Cromer. That's a pita, we're not great believers in dual carriageways down here y'know.

Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 22:57:35

It's a bank holiday as well... Had intended to avoid motorways as well.

WendyWeber Wed 20-Aug-08 22:59:12

Our trip was Clitheroe to Ludham (nr Wroxham in the Broads) - I think once we got across the middle we went via Retford, Newark & Grantham, & possibly Stamford.

You should be able to do Manc to Cromer in 3 wink

SqueakyPop Wed 20-Aug-08 23:00:20

A628 - M1 - M18 - A1(M) - A1 - A17 etc

ChasingSquirrels Wed 20-Aug-08 23:01:01

3 hours, hahahahahahahaha <CS falls off the sofa>>

Tinker Wed 20-Aug-08 23:01:13

We should really shouldn't we? It's only this <opens fingers 2 inches apart> far on the map.

olympicsnotfederer Wed 20-Aug-08 23:01:26

wendy, you are way out at 3hrs

in a helicoptor maybe smile

factor in the traffic and slow-moving A-roads passing through busy market towns

it is NOTHING like how the map makes it look (or even what sat-nav will tell you)

tinker, you must come back to tell us now !

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