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Things to do around Gretna Green?

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cheerycherry Sat 16-Aug-08 16:49:42

May be booking a cottage 8 miles form Gretna, what things should we do with 3 under 10's? Besides strolling the countryside?!

lilacbloom Sat 16-Aug-08 21:58:56

Go have a look at the couples getting married.

WendyWeber Sat 16-Aug-08 21:59:46

Get married yourselves (again if necessary wink)

AvenaLife Sat 16-Aug-08 21:59:49

Elope and get hitched without family. grin

AvenaLife Sat 16-Aug-08 22:00:16

cross thread. smile

chatee Sat 16-Aug-08 22:00:33

carlisle is not too far away

Spidermama Sat 16-Aug-08 22:00:44

< sees it has already been done. Leaves. >

Habbibu Sat 16-Aug-08 22:02:16

wander round little borders towns (Langholm, Lockerbie, maybe Hawick and jedburgh if you fancy a longer drive)

WendyWeber Sat 16-Aug-08 22:03:50

(If you follow habbibu's advice, do remember that Hawick is pronounced HOICK)


seb1 Sat 16-Aug-08 23:35:30

There is an outlet place outlet

cheerycherry Sun 17-Aug-08 10:33:04

Married again? Are u all mad? wink

TrinityRhino Sun 17-Aug-08 10:36:11

anna has a museum and more importantly.......................A SUBWAY grin

cheerycherry Sun 17-Aug-08 10:36:28

Is it only weddings and shopping then? Surely not? Anything around Hadrians wall? Castles? Anything truely Scottish?!

TrinityRhino Sun 17-Aug-08 10:36:43


Habbibu Sun 17-Aug-08 14:05:33

This looks pretty cool.

cheerycherry Sun 17-Aug-08 22:27:40

Habbibu that looks wonderful, thankyou.

Does anyone know if there will be loads of midges?!!

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